Two Women Find A Heartbreaking Note Beside An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Pole

It’s an unfortunate truth, but every year lots of animals are abandoned by their owners. Sometimes, the owners realize they cannot care for their pet the way they thought they could and have to get rid of them; other times, they no longer want the poor animal anymore. Either way, it’s a cruel and unjust way to treat a living thing.

Luckily, there are people in the world who are willing to take in those creatures that have been cast aside. They recognize the need for a loving home and family, and they are more than willing to put themselves out there to offer both in droves.

In South Carolina recently, Blanca Cushman and her cousin came across a dog that was tied to a tree behind a parking lot. His owner was nowhere to be found, but a hand-written note that the dog had with him explained the whole sad story…

A woman named Blanca Cushman and her cousin, both residents of South Carolina, were out running errands one afternoon. They had no idea they were soon to come across a big surprise…

geraldbrazell / Flickr

While they were walking out of a store, Blanca’s cousin spotted a small dog tied to a tree. The owner appeared to be nowhere in sight. The ladies didn’t want to leave the poor dog alone.

Blanca Anahi Cushman / Facebook

There wasn’t much left with the dog besides two empty dishes, a backpack and a hand-written note. When the ladies read the note, their hearts broke.

The note said that the dog’s name was Scooter. Apparently, his owner Eric Dugwyler had been arrested for narcotics possession the night before. He did not want to give Scooter over to the police, so he left him with his two friends who were present. His friends then abandoned Scooter once the cops took Eric away.

Blanca decided she would take the story to Facebook and sent out a message to the Lost and Found Pets in Columbia page, pleading for someone to help. The plea was answered by the operator of South Eastern Homeless Animals shelter, Paula Langford.

Blanca Anahi Cushman / Facebook

Paula is now taking care of Scooter. She is hoping that soon enough she can offer him to a loving family that wants to raise him on their own. He’s full of love and affection, and anyone would be lucky to have him as a pet.

Blanca and her cousin were interviewed by local reporters after the ordeal. They wanted people to know what had happened to Scooter, and hopefully prevent something like it from occurring again.

Hopefully, someone adopts Scooter soon. He’s a great dog that was, fortunately, found just in time.

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