Puppies Found Abandoned On The Side Of The Road Are Getting A Second Chance In The Most Unusual Way

When a person finds themselves in a position where they can no longer care for their pet, it’s a difficult but rational decision to give the animal to a different family or to a shelter.

Sadly, many people who end up in these situations don’t take advantage of such organizations and end up abandoning their pet, leaving the animal to fend for itself or just hoping someone else will find and take care of it.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Louisiana. Imgur user Legitcoz had the troubling discovery of finding a group of puppies abandoned on the side of the road…

Imgur user Legitcoz was recently traveling down a road in Louisiana with a friend when they made a startling discovery. There appeared to be a group of small puppies just laying there…

The two men decided they had better pull over to get a better look. When they got out of the car they were greeted by four adorable and tiny puppies. It was clear from the get go that they desperately needed their help.

The Imgur user and his friend noted that the puppies had clearly been neglected. “They were cute, scared and starved,” Legitcoz wrote on the image sharing website about discovering the puppies. 

The Imgur user and his friend noted that they could see the ribs of the puppies. They estimated that it had been quite some time, perhaps, multiple days, since any of them had any sort of meal.

That’s when a local passerby stopped and spoke to the men. “Yea they bad about that round here. Don’t let them run off, I got a pitbull who loves to eat little puppies,” the person warned them.

Not wanting to risk the puppies’ lives, the Imgur user and his friend decided they had to help. 

The Imgur user and his friend knew that time was of the essence or the puppies could starve to death. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and get the animals to shelter.

The men decided to bring the litter of puppies to their own home. Once there, they fed them and gave them water. Then it came time for names. “Names from front to back: Bucky, Milly, Zipp and the black one is Carol Sue,” he wrote.

While the Imgur user originally wrote that he wanted to bring the puppies back to Louisiana to see if anyone would adopt them, he was happy to give an update later on. 

“All the pups have been given new homes. Imgur is such a great community! Thanks everyone!” he wrote.

It’s so sad that anyone could ever abandon a litter of puppies like that. Thankfully, they have a place to call home now.

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