This Beautiful Wild Cat Has Some Rare Skills, And They Make It The Coolest Feline In The World.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat can tell you that they have some impressive jumping abilities. Still, not even your venerable house cat can touch the vertical leap of the African serval.

These beautiful, long-legged cats might not be the most well-known species of wild cat in the world, but they’re ready to leap up a few spots…and straight into your heart.

The African serval is bigger than a house cat, but it’s no lion. Still, where they lack stature, these awesome cats make up for it with a myriad of other talents.


They are extremely skilled in hunting small animals in the brushes of the African continent.


They have the longest legs of any cat (relative to size), which makes for some pretty excellent jumping abilities.




Melanistic servals have been spotted in the wild.


“White” servals have also been known to exist, but only in captivity.


Even still, there have only been five documented instances of these rare creatures!


Serval usually live in the savannah, but they have also been found in mountainous regions as high as 9,800 feet. Oh, did we mention their kittens are absolutely adorable?

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Like your cat that keeps you up late at night, the serval is a nocturnal hunter. They feast on small prey including fish, birds, and frogs.

And those long legs aren’t just for jumping. They allow servals to reach speeds as fast as 50 miles per hour!

They are also very efficient when hunting, and catch prey on about 50% of their attempts, compared to the cheetah’s 38% and the lion’s measly 30%.

And if you couldn’t tell already, they’re pretty gosh darn cute!

Unlike a lot of the rarer wild cats out there, the serval is thankfully not considered at risk. After all, they can probably outrun and outjump even the most skilled hunter, so take that, humans!

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