Adorable Kitten Meows Like She’s A Sheep, And It’s Really, Really Weird

When you’re young, you learn to identify animals not just by what they look like, but also by the noises the make. Songs like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” teach us early on what animals are supposed to sound like, so when they sound different than that, it can come as a shock!

Take house cat Rory, for example. She may look like an ordinary kitty, but when she opens up her mouth, you won’t believe the sounds she¬†makes!

Rory looks like an ordinary cat, but there’s something a little bit strange about her…

Like many cats she makes noises when she’s upset or scared or hungry…

The noises Rory makes, though, are anything but the normal meows you might expect!

In fact, Rory might be a little confused about just what kind of animal she really is!

Rory might be having the cutest identity crisis on record.

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