If You Can Tell Which Animals These 43 Eyes Belong To, You’re Basically A Genius.

There’s a lot that can be inferred from looking at someone’s eyes. After all, they are the windows to the soul. But when it comes to animals, you can learn a lot more about them than just their personality.

These animals all have unique, highly specialized eyes. Can you guess which animal each belongs to without reading the caption?

1. Cats can see eight times better than humans.

2. Because geckos are nocturnal, their eyes are more light-sensitive, with the pupils constricting when they hit light.

3. Llamas have eyes that adjust to high altitudes.

4. A crocodile’s eyes can adapt to twilight or nighttime.

5. Penguins have eyes that allow them to see better underwater.

6. Dragonflies have eyes that consist of thousands of thousands of tiny hexagonal eyes, giving them nearly 360-degree vision.

7. A goat’s wide pupils give them 330 degrees of vision, as opposed to a human’s 185-degree view.

8. Chameleons can rotate their eyes 360 degrees independently of one another!

9. A python’s eye is mesmerizing.

10. A tokay gecko has transparent eyelids.

11. Marine mammals, like this whale, have limited vision because of the way the water refracts light.

12. Owls cannot easily see from close distances, but they are excellent from farther away, particularly in low light.

13. The octopus has binocular vision.

14. Camels have three eyelids, but they are so thin that camels can still see even when their eyes are closed.

15. Acara fish can only see in two dimensions.

16. Lemurs have such excellent night vision that they can still make out colors in almost complete darkness.

17. Clear eyes like that of a husky can develop problems more easily.

18. The hexagonal lenses of a bee are so strong that they can see ultraviolet rays that humans can’t even perceive.

19. Macaws see everything in ultraviolet vision.

20. Slugs, with their eyes on long stalks, have surprisingly strong vision.

21. A chinchilla has truly striking eyes. It looks like a landscape!

22. A crow’s eyes almost look like they’re frosted over. Chilling.

23. Sterlet fish have oddly shaped pupils.

24. Just like humans, chimpanzees have binocular vision.

25. Peacocks have lateral eyes to help them escape predators.

26. Parrots’ ultraviolet vision allow them to see the maturation of fruits.

27. Unlike other birds, the athene noctua owl is able to blink one eye and turn its head three-quarters of its total rotation.

28. All cats, like this Siamese cat, are born with blue eyes. They may change five or six weeks later, but sometimes they remain blue.

29. This deer’s eye looks like some kind of alien creature.

30. This hippo’s eye is adapted for nighttime.

31. It used to be believed that dogs, like this Pekinese, can only see in black and white, but their vision isn’t quite that limited. They simply cannot perceive all the colors that humans can.

32. This should be a familiar one, since it’s a human eye!

 33. Here’s another human eye, which is quite beautiful when you look at it from up close.

34. Human eyes must recycle calcium to properly function.

35. The white sclera protects the human eye.

36. The iris automatically adjusts the intensity of light that enters the eye.

37. The human iris is like the lens of a camera.

38. This tomato frog has many different types of optic nerves.

39. The horse has monocular vision.

40. Sharks have membranes around their eyes that increase visual sensitivity with a reflective screen.

41. The heron’s eyes are ideal for hunting fish below the water’s surface.

42. Lizards, unlike humans, perceive ultraviolet light.

43. The pupil of a viper has a vertical slit that gives it night vision.

These are so weird and so beautiful at the same time! I feel like I’m never going to look at eyes the same way again, no pun intended!

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