Man Finds An Old Fish Tank In Garbage With 3 Rare Creatures Trapped Inside

Adopting a pet is a joy. When you bring a pet into your home, you are doing a lot more than letting an animal take up residence in your house; you are adding another member to your family.

However, adopting a pet is also a serious responsibility. From furry friends like dogs and cats to cold-blooded ones like turtles and lizards, every animal we bring into our homes needs to be cared after properly. And, sometimes, that’s more than some pet owners can handle.

A man living in Washington was leaving his apartment to head to work one day when he noticed something strange by the trash on the curb. He caught a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye, and that’s when he knew he had to take a closer look…

A Washington man was walking down the street on his way to work one day when he noticed someone was throwing away a large aquarium. Something inside the tank caught his eye, so he made his way over to see what, if anything, was inside the abandoned tank.


To his shock, he spotted three rare types of salamanders, called axolotls, swimming around inside of the aquarium! Someone had adopted these lizards as exotic pets and for whatever reason decided to throw them away rather than find them a new home.

Axolotls are also known as “walking fish.” They look a whole lot like mud puppies, which is another rare type of salamander. People do not often keep them as pets, but those who do cannot resist their big personalities and their “smiling” faces. Still, there’s something you need to know about these creatures that’ll make you think twice about owning them…


While they may be just adorable, don’t go looking to adopt one just yet! This man lucked out when he found these abandoned axolotls; they’re actually endangered in their native Mexico. How these three made it to his man’s neighborhood in Washington was a mystery.


Because of their endangered status, these little fellows are illegal to sell or import. The man who found the tank was in for another surprise, too: there was a second tank hiding outside! In it, he found a fourth salamander, whom his roommate gladly adopted.


After doing some research, the man finally found someone who could teach him how to care for the axolotls. He bought them a new tank with soft sand for their delicate feet. Sharp gravel was in their old tank, and gravel and axolotls do not mix.


The man and his girlfriend named the axolotls Alpha, Omega, and Blue! In their new, roomy tank, the salamanders were much happier—and much more energetic. It is awful that they were abandoned, but it seems like they are living the life now!


After consulting with an axolotl specialist, the man began feeding his three new friends earthworms instead of mealworms and they couldn’t be happier!

What a wonderful story with a happy ending.

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