Babies Meeting Animals For The First Time Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever

For the most part, we are biologically wired to find babies adorable. And how could we not? Their little cheeks are so pinch-able, their laughs so downright infectious, and their clothing so tiny—we just can’t help ourselves!

However, there is one thing that can actually make babies seem even cuter. The secret? Just add some animals.

These following baby-animal duos are so charming, you won’t be able to contain your smile.

At first it might seem like this pony is about to run full-speed into his teeny human friend, but once you notice her big smile you’ll realize this isn’t anything more than a friendly game of tag! You’re it, Pony!

Babies aren’t the only ones who love juice! This tiny girl is showing her orangutan pal how to sip from a juice box. Sharing is caring, and it looks like these two got the memo!

If it’s Sunday morning, chances are the whole family will pile into bed—including pets. What do you think these two are saying to each other? Based on the mischievous look in their eyes, we bet it’s “Time to jump on the bed!”

You can just tell that these two are best buds. They’ve even built a pillow fort together! Or maybe that’s a mountain they’re about to climb. Either way, they’re an especially cute couple of playmates!

These two seem to be engaged in a very intense staring competition. “Don’t blink!” “No, you don’t blink!” “No, you!” The steer looks like he’s exhausted and he might lose this battle with his mini companion.

Another staring contest for the ages! This guinea pig is fascinated by her human friend, and vice-versa! They’re probably both asking each other, “What in the world are you?”

It’s moments like these when you just want to say “Aww!” Watch the video below for more animals who are truly patient with their teeny human friends. Don’t you love what that bunny does when her baby pal crawls toward her?

Okay, so these are simply far too cute for words. Watching these babies and their furry friends will guarantee that your face will be stuck in a permanent smile. Which baby-animal pair was your favorite?

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