Mother Elephant Spends 11 Hours Digging This Hole, No One Expects Her To Pull This Out

Elephants are some of the most intelligent and emotionally expressive animals on the planet. For this reason, it’s pretty obvious when something is bothering them.

That was clearly the case for one elephant in India recently. The pachyderm was so distraught, in fact, that she attracted a large group of villagers. When they noticed her digging a hole in the same spot for 11 hours straight, they just knew that something was off.

Then, the bystanders were completely blown away by what she pulled from the hole moments later…

In the animal kingdom, elephants are among the most intelligent and emotionally vulnerable species on the block. Just like humans, they wear their hearts on their sleeves, and when something is bothering them, it is rather obvious.

Between their famous (and impressive!) memories and their strong familial bonds, elephants are capable of a range of emotions. This means that when they’re upset, it’s almost always going to show.

Just take what happened to this elephant in India recently. When a crowd of people noticed she was digging a hole in the middle of a dirt field for a prolonged period of time, they couldn’t help but wonder was the matter. Moments later, they learned what was wrong…

As the villagers approached the mother elephant, one thing became clear: her young calf had fallen into the muddy hole and become stuck! What’s more: she’d been there for 11 hours, doing everything in her power to bring him to safety.

Unfortunately for the mother elephant, there wasn’t much that any of the villagers could do, especially since her calf was too heavy for any single person to lift. So, all they could do was look on and hope for a miracle.

The matter of rescuing her young calf only became worse when, instead of removing the mud trapping him in the pit, the mother elephant accidentally began knocking more dirt into the hole. In turn, her baby was becoming more and more buried by the second!

Despite these setbacks, the mother refused to give up. Villagers were completely stunned by her resilience to save her young one. In that moment, one of villagers noticed something that the mother elephant hadn’t…

There appeared to be a mound of dirt building around her calf, prohibiting her from moving him. They feared if they approached the hole to remove him, his mama would think they were attacking her baby and try to trample them.

So the villagers devised a plan: with the help of a few banana trucks, they frightened the mother off just long enough for them to step in. With mom at a safe distance, they removed much of the mud surrounding the baby. That left an opening for mom…

Now that the muddy impediments were out of her way, the mother frantically returned to the hole. She wrapped her trunk around her baby and did the impossible! See how resilient this mama and the villagers were in trying to save her calf…

There’s truly nothing more powerful than a desperate mother. And great things can happen when people band together for a greater good!

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