Community Works Together To Save An Innocent Fox Caught In A Brutal Rat Trap

Typically, foxes have a reputation as being a sort of pest. There’s a reason they have that sneaky repuation after all!

None of that stopped the community of Cudahy, Wisconsin, from going above and beyond to help a wild fox. The young fox was born in the town, and he was frequently seen milling about with his furry friends. Over time, Cudahy’s residents had developed a soft spot for the fox population in its midst.

So, when they saw the injured animal limping around with a rat trap clamped to his paw, they decided to take action…

When an animal is need of help, you’d like to think a caring person would go to great lengths to assist them. In Cudahy, Wisconsin, an entire community went above and beyond to help a fox who found himself in a dangerous situation.

The young fox was born in the town, and residents would frequently see him roaming parks and streets with his furry companions. Rather than treat him like a pest, the locals developed a soft spot for the little guy, and they enjoyed his adorable presence.

One afternoon, a Cudahy resident was taking a walk through their neighborhood when the young fox suddenly crossed their path. He seemed like he was limping, and he had a strange object clamped on his right front paw. What was going on?

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As the resident got a closer look at the fox’s paw, they realized he was stuck in a rat trap! He must have accidentally came in contact with the trap and it closed on him before he had time to get away. The poor fox looked like he was in so much pain.

Before the concerned citizen could call anyone to help, the fox scurried off into the nearby woods. They knew that without assistance from a vet, there was no way the rat trap would ever come off. So, they called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Wisconsin Humane Society and explained the situation.

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After calling the rehabilitation center, residents did as they were told and set a live trap to capture the fox. Luckily, the plan worked, and the fox was brought to the center after his capture for the help he so badly needed.

Once at the rehabilitation center, the staff assessed his wounds. With the trap removed, the medical staff determined the little guy sustained a break, and his wound was badly infected. Not only that, but he had been in the trap for quite some time, and the fox was putting weight on it while he walked.

Nonetheless, the determined medical staff had the means to help the little guy heal. Soon enough, things were looking up! The team carefully treated the fox’s wounds and sent him in for surgery.

After it was all over, the fox was given a large cast and a plastic cone to prevent him from gnawing at his wounded paw. He was probably a bit confused about what was happening, but his prognosis was already looking up!

The staff estimated the fox to be only six months old. Because of the efforts of the Cudahy community, this little guy got a second chance to enjoy his life. Watch the video below to learn more about his story!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

A heartbreaking story out of Cudahy — a small fox known to the area has been found with a rat trap stuck on its paw. FOX6's Krystle Kacner shares details.

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Thursday, September 1, 2016

This community really came through for one of their furry denizens. Bravo to their selfless efforts!

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