Wildlife Team Comes Across A Baby Hippo Stuck In Mud And Hatches A Brilliant Rescue Plan

Animal rescue efforts are made all the more difficult if the animal is panicking while you try to help. Dealing with appendages flailing about while you’re securing a harness around their torso proves to be quite the difficult — and potentially painful — task.

Kenya is one place where animal rescue efforts are especially dangerous, primarily because the animals are big game predators like lions, crocodiles and hippos. These types of animals can make attempts to save them life-threatening.

A team of workers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya came across a baby hippo that was stuck in a mud swamp and on the verge of drowning. Even though they knew hippos were incredibly dangerous, they had to try to help.

A group of workers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya were traveling in the Kiunga Forest when they came across a baby hippo, named Humpty, stranded in thick mud. She had been abandoned by her mother a day earlier.

Caters News Agency

Humpty was dehydrated, severely sunburned, and barely able to make any movements. Workers rushed to grab a net in their vehicle. They knew they needed to take action fast!

Caters News Agency

Did Humpty make it out? Watch the breathtaking conclusion of this rescue attempt…

Even though hippos can be dangerous, with the professionalism and expertise the team handled this effort with, Humpty was in great hands.

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