8-Week-Old Foal Who Wants To Play Has A Trick Up Her Sleeve When Mom Turns Around

Kids are always trying to grab the attention of the adults around them, whether it’s with a big dive in the pool or by playing a silly prank. While they don’t always succeed, it sure is fun to watch them try!

This eight-week-old mule named Raven was trying to get the attention of her mother, a Tennessee Walking Horse named Kona. Only, when she realized that Mom wasn’t having it, she had the funniest reaction.

Maybe you could learn from some of her techniques…

Children are always trying to win over adults, and sometimes they do it in the funniest ways imaginable. But did you know that animals do the same thing, too? That was certainly the case with one little mule named Raven…

One morning, the eight-week-old foal seemed restless, and she was pacing back and forth in her enclosure. Her mother Kona wasn’t paying much attention to her little one, and Raven wasn’t having any of it.

Naturally, Raven decided to try a few bold tactics to get her mom’s attention. First, she walked out onto the dirt ground and started to perform a seriously attention-seeking routine…

At first, Raven started galloping around the outskirts of her enclosure. She was sure the activity would attract the attention she so intensely craved, but it seemingly had little effect on her mother.

Time for plan B! Raven gave up on the trotting and began bucking instead. She was full of energy and wanted her mother to join in the fun. Unfortunately, the calm Kona seemed more interested in chilling out than joining her playful daughter.

After several minutes of bucking around the grounds, Raven stopped to look at Kona. It was as if she was saying, “Come on, Mom, look at me!” But, much to her dismay, Kona didn’t want to take any part in her daughter’s routine. Hmm… what to do next?

Raven stared at Kona for what seemed like an hour, waiting for her mother to turn her head. Mom, however, was deep in a bowl of breakfast and wouldn’t so much as budge from the barn’s front entrance.

Raven knew she would have to kick it into overdrive if she was to win over her mother. She began prancing around in circles, jumping as high as she could over and over, hoping for some sort of reaction.

Around and around Raven spun; her actions were pleading with her mom to turn her head. Why wasn’t she looking? Raven was having so much fun by herself, but it would have been even better if Kona decided to join in!

Raven put on quite the show for her mother, and it didn’t even seem like Kona respected the effort one bit. That’s when Raven did something even she didn’t expect—with hilarious results! Watch the video below to see what Raven does, and try not to laugh at her efforts!

Way to shake it off like a pro, Raven. You’re nothing if not persistent!

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