Most People Who Think All Opossums Are Pests Don’t Even Know The Half Of It

Opossums have a reputation for being pests. They love to play dead on the middle of the highway, and they are forever breaking into trash cans and garages on the hunt for tasty grub.

But there’s more to these critters than meets the eye—and it’s time that they got the recognition they deserve as some of the cutest little fur balls in the animal kingdom. Don’t believe it? Then prepare to have your mind blown by these 20 opossum facts!

1. Some only think of opossums as pests, but they’re missing out on some serious cuteness. While it’s easy to assume opossums are rodents, they’re actually members of the marsupial family like kangaroos. That’s right—mom opossums carry their young in a pouch!

2. Believe it or not, some people even keep opossums as pets! When you see adorable photographs like this one of a beaming (and sweater-wearing) opossum next to his happy owner, you can easily understand why.

3. Not every animal out there is as doting to their young—some let the babies fend for themselves early on. But the bond between young baby opossums and their mothers can’t be denied. Look at this cutie learning how to hang on to his mama!

4. Baby opossums might just be the most heartwarming little critters on the planet… even when they aren’t wrapped up in a snuggly fleece blanket. Just look at that happy grin!

5. Opossums are social and they love hanging out together—literally. Can you believe these little guys’ impressive strength? It looks like they never skip tail day at the gym.

6. Opossums are just as sweet as can be when you give them a chance. You might associate them with trash—they love scrounging for it at night—but they really are quite affectionate. This cutie can’t help but curl up inside the palm of her favorite human friend.

7. They sure are a lot cuter when they’re not hiding behind the boiler in your basement or hissing defensively from your trash can! This little angel looks like he couldn’t make any noise other than the sweetest squeak!

8. Were you really going to call animal control on this little one? Even though opossums are wild animals, it’s in their nature to support their family members—even their human ones.

9. They’re really almost kind of… magical. It feels a little silly to say that about the same animal that makes people cringe, but when you see photographs like this one, it’s pretty hard not to believe it!

10. Just look at the ears on this little guy. He’s like a real-life Mickey Mouse! When you see images like this it’s hard to believe that Walt Disney settled on a mouse for a mascot when he could have had the cutest animal of them all: an opossum!

11. This guy really just wants to chill out and relax with you. Studies are still out, but most folks will tell you that it’s impossible to be stressed with a baby opossum holding your hand.

12. Opossums are skilled acrobats and can hang upside-down for hours at a time. It looks like this one might have been a bit too ambitious and got more hang time than he could “swing,” but he likely made it to safety with no problem!

13. Did you know that opossums love to give hugs? Even if they’re grown up or they’re hanging out with their human, “hugging it out” is genetic. Just check out this little cutie’s sweet embrace!

14. Opossums have some pretty adorable relatives, too! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the pygmy possum. That’s right: just when you thought that opossums couldn’t get any cuter, this guy shows up!

15. Even though opossums (which are American) and possums (which are Australian) are both marsupials, they’re quite different. Still, they’re both cute in their own way. And when they’re babies, they can fit in the palm of your hand!

16. It’s like someone combined the cutest parts of every animal. For the love of all that is adorable, look at his toes and try not to melt into a puddle. It’s almost impossible not to.

17. Speaking of, look at this possum’s little hands compared to her human friend’s thumb! Isn’t it incredible how animals can be this tiny? Yet, because they’re built for the wild, they’re hardy creatures!

18. While there are no official reports on the subject, surely some people have keeled over at the sight of this sleepy, cuddly baby opossum. Move over, cats! We might have to reconsider our favorite pets…

19. “Enjoying your watermelon, guys?” Just when you thought there was no way the cuteness could continue, these opossums decided to show you how well they like to share their food with one another. How sweet!

20. Now that you’ve seen just how adorable these creatures really are, you’re going to have a hard time thinking of them as unwanted pests ever again. Nothing with such a sweet smile could ever be anything other than endearing!

Did you have any idea that opossum (and possum!) babies were so cute? Now that you’ve started looking at pictures of them, chances are you won’t be able to stop yourself from looking for some more!

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