This Baby Tasmanian Devil And His Keeper Are The Best Friends Ever

When you think of Tasmanian devils you probably picture a certain animated whirlwind named Taz. In the old cartoons, that particular Tasmanian devil was obsessed with moving at great speeds and eating every single thing in his path.

Real Tasmanian devils might like to snack, but that’s where the similarities end. In real life, these carnivores are great swimmers, excellent tree climbers, and they form exceptional bonds.

This little Tasmanian devil is proof positive that these furry little guys love people just as much as they love each other. The way this keeper frolics with this little joey will change the way you think about Tasmanian devils once and for all!

While you might think you know all there is to know about the Tasmanian devil, they are actually very misunderstood! They form touching bonds! These marsupials are also endangered, and they need our help now more than ever. 

Animal keeper Tim Faulker works at the Devil’s Ark, a free-range Tasmanian devil sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia. Tim loves his job and often shares videos and photos of his interactions with all of the different devils who live there. 

The facility is big at 13 acres and seeks to protect these endangered marsupials from potential extinction. The fact that they get to have a little bit of fun along the way certainly doesn’t hurt either! 

Watch what happens when Tim tries to pet this joey’s belly!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

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