These Workmen Aren’t Fazed When They Uncover A Little Cavern, But What’s Inside Leaves Them Stunned

You never know what you might discover once you start digging in the ground. You’ll most likely just find a bunch of rocks, dirt, and bugs, but there’s always the chance that you could uncover something a little more… unexpected.

Just ask these Turkish workers. They were digging a foundation for a building project when they uncovered a little underground cavern. That wasn’t anything out the ordinary… but who they found living inside definitely was!

Recently, a Turkish building team was using heavy machinery to dig a large hole in the ground when they came upon an underground cavern. 


At first they didn’t think anything of it and continued to dig in that spot—but then the workers noticed something moving near the opening…


See the underground inhabitant that left these workmen totally flabbergasted!

That big guy doesn’t look too pleased at all! He probably figured his underground cave was the one place he could get some peace and quiet…

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