Neighbor Sends Touching Note To Man Whose Beloved Cat Just Passed Away

Losing a pet is always terribly painful, because they often feel like members of our own family. More than just animals, our pets are often referred to as our “fur babies” and “children” because of our unconditional love for them.

Scott Ewels felt the same way about his cats, Teddy and Bear. The two liked to do everything together—especially when it came to exploring their neighborhood like the adventurous brothers they were.

One tragic day, Bear passed away after being struck by a car. Scott and Teddy were devastated; Bear had brought so much light into their lives. And, apparently, someone else felt the exact same way. When Teddy returned from an outdoor stroll with a note attached to his collar, Scott realized just how much of a positive impact Bear had on the neighborhood.

Scott Ewels was heartbroken when he discovered that his beloved cat Bear had died after being hit by a car near his home. Bear and his brother, Teddy, both liked to explore the neighborhood together; now, Teddy would be alone.

One day, however, Scott was surprised to find a note attached to Teddy’s collar two weeks after Bear’s passing.

“Dear Owner: I’m your neighbour, living in 4. I’m also your cats’ close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room everyday,” it said. “But one of them, a bigger one has disappeared for two weeks. Is he OK? I’m so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine.”

It was a bittersweet moment for Scott to learn that Bear touched someone else’s heart that much.

“I wrote a note back to number 4, and posted it straight away, even as it was late in the evening,” Scott said in an interview. “I mentioned that Bear had passed away, and was so glad that he had brought joy to their lives too. I included my email address, and she has since emailed us with pictures of Bear (and Teddy) in her house, and stories of their adventures with her.”

Scott didn’t realize how special Bear was to “number 4,” as he called her. “He really made an impression with our neighbor,” he said. “She rehearsed her university thesis to him and she had no one else to talk to. It makes his death even more poignant.”

Scott and his neighbor plan on meeting for the first time so that they could say goodbye to Bear together. “She is now coming over tomorrow to visit Bear’s grave,” said Scott.

As sad as this story is, it’s always encouraging to hear about animals bringing people together. Hopefully Scott’s mourning process will be a little easier with his neighbor’s help.

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