Mysterious Dog Finally Reunited With His Owners After Two Women Scan His Chip

There are few things more heartbreaking than when your beloved dog goes missing. They’re part of the family, after all, so when we lose them, we feel like we lose a part of ourselves.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much that we can do to find a lost dog. The police department’s resources are limited, and putting up posters around the neighborhood tends to be pretty ineffective.

After one couple lost their dog, Bear, they felt pretty helpless. Yet they’d taken a precautionary measure, and that ended up changing everything…

Kelly Thomas and Ted Kupferman were utterly heartbroken when they lost their dog, Bear. Both Kelly and Ted are passionate animal lovers, and rescuing Bear had been an important experience for them.

The couple adopted many dogs throughout the years, but something about Bear was special. He might have been a bigger dog, but he was absolutely their baby. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for their precious boy.

Ted’s bond with Bear was not like any relationship he had ever had with a dog before. When he went to bed, Bear would snuggle up with him. When he woke up in the morning, it was Bear’s smiling face he saw when he first opened his eyes. The couple simply couldn’t imagine losing him…

Then, something happened that broke both Kelly and Ted’s hearts completely. While driving home from work one day, Bear by his side, Ted lost control of his vehicle and wound up getting in a fairly serious car accident.

Ted was knocked out of the car by the impact, but when he came to, his first thought was about his beloved dog. He soon learned that poor Bear was so startled by the crash, he bolted from the vehicle, sprinted across the highway, and disappeared into the woods.

The police and paramedics were insistent that Ted go to the hospital to have his wounds treated. The minute he was released, though, Ted returned to the scene of the accident to hunt for his best friend. Ted spent 12 hours searching for him, but to no avail.

For days, Kelly and Ted grieved. It took them time, but eventually they began to believe the terrible truth: Bear was gone forever. They had no idea that was help was waiting just under their noses…

Little did they know, 16 miles away in Marietta, Georgia, Stephanie Burke Sparks and Kera Bagwell were going to change Kelly and Ted’s lives. These two women had spotted a dog in a local junkyard and they were intent on rescuing him.

Only, they couldn’t ever seem to get close enough to the mysterious pup to capture him safely. They knew he was hungry and he seemed scared, but they also recognized that he needed help. So, with few options left, they set a safe trap.

When Stephanie and Kera finally managed to snag the dog, they took him to a local vet to see if he was microchipped. There, they discovered they had actually found Kelly and Ted’s beloved Bear! Watch the video below for the heartwarming reunion of this little family…

It’s not too often that a family gets to be reunited with their dog—or any member of their family—after being lost for so long. If there was ever an argument for giving your dogs a microchip, this is it!

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