Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat Everyone Is Mistaking For A Tiger

For a lot of us, if there was any way in the world we could be best friends with a tiger, it would be a dream come true. Though, sadly, unless you’re Princess Jazmine, this remains pure fantasy.

Pet owner Rani Cucicov, however, has achieved this dream in real life. He’s pals with a wild predator… or the closest thing to it anyway! His buddy Thor is a bengal cat, and he’s a dead-ringer for a tiger!

This is Thor the bengal cat. He might not be a real tiger, but no one should tell him that!

01-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Rani Cucicov, his owner, says that Thor is a very lovable, and active cat.

02-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Not only that, but this cat, named after the Norse god of thunder, likes to make some noise!

03-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

“He talks all day long, and if we don’t answer his meowing, he gets pissed,” Rani said.

04-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Between his spots and stripes, Thor actually resembles a sort of mix between a miniature tiger and leopard.

05-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Thor is usually very happy to meet houseguests, as well, going so far as to greet them at the door with “a few massive meows.”

06-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Just look at this natural-born hunter!

07-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Oh, and as if there was any doubt, he was also insanely cute as a kitten!

08-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

High five, Thor!

09-thor-bengal-catInstagram / bengalthor

Thor sure looks like a mighty little hunter! I think he’d make a solid alternative to an actual tiger BFF. If you think he’s as awesome as we do, follow his adventures on Instagram!

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