Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat Everyone Is Mistaking For A Tiger

For a lot of us, if there was any way in the world we could be best friends with a tiger, it would be a dream come true. Though, sadly, unless you’re Princess Jazmine, this remains pure fantasy.

Pet owner Rani Cucicov, however, has achieved this dream in real life. He’s pals with a wild predator… or the closest thing to it anyway! His buddy Thor is a bengal cat, and he’s a dead-ringer for a tiger!

This is Thor the bengal cat. He might not be a real tiger, but no one should tell him that!

Rani Cucicov, his owner, says that Thor is a very lovable, and active cat.

Not only that, but this cat, named after the Norse god of thunder, likes to make some noise!

“He talks all day long, and if we don’t answer his meowing, he gets pissed,” Rani said.

Between his spots and stripes, Thor actually resembles a sort of mix between a miniature tiger and leopard.

Thor is usually very happy to meet houseguests, as well, going so far as to greet them at the door with “a few massive meows.”

Just look at this natural-born hunter!

Oh, and as if there was any doubt, he was also insanely cute as a kitten!

High five, Thor!

Thor sure looks like a mighty little hunter! I think he’d make a solid alternative to an actual tiger BFF. If you think he’s as awesome as we do, follow his adventures on Instagram!

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