When This Massive Dog Lets His Baby Brother Pester Him, It’s Too Cute For Words

We, humans, are quick to judge each other. Sometimes it seems like we’re more focused on our differences rather than actually getting along. Dogs, on the other hand, never think about these things. Just take Bentley and Yeti for example.

You could say Bentley is a fully grown dog, but that doesn’t paint the entire picture. In fact, he’s one massive canine! While he could choose to spend his time picking on those who are smaller than him, it never occurs to him to do so. The adorably close relationship he has formed with his new little brother, Yeti, proves just that.

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, even in the animal kingdom. Frankly, it doesn’t matter how different two animals are, a special bond can be formed at any time. 

Bentley, a full-size canine, took to tiny Yeti almost immediately after their owners introduced them. They snuggle all day, and always give each other thorough cleanings. However, these two dogs aren’t the only unusual animal friendship out there…

Meet Rupert the fox and William the cat. Rupert lives at South Africa’s International Primate Rescue with hundreds of gorillas. But, he chose not to look to them for close companionship, instead, he found William!

William was a domesticated cat who lived at the facility when Rupert was brought on board, and almost immediately, their friendship blossomed. Just look at how excited they are when they hang out! But they aren’t the only cat and fox who have become fast friends…

These two love to play with each other! A photographer snapped this adorable photo of this young fox and cat having a blast together. From the next pair it’s clear that foxes aren’t afraid to look for other species when it comes to finding friendship.

Tinni the dog’s owner is a wildlife photographer named Torgier Berge, and while the two were walking through the woods one afternoon, a fox, who Torgier named Sniffer, joined them! Tinni became smitten with the woodland animal, and now they spend a lot of time together. At least these pairs kind of have their size in common, unlike the next odd duo…

 Who knew that a lion, whose name is Bonedigger, would ever warm up to a small Dachshund named Milo? Well, he certainly did, and the two cannot get enough of each other’s company. What a brave dog Milo is; Bonedigger is huge! The key to getting most animals to bond is starting them off young.

 This baby chimp must have decided to look outside his primate friends to form a special bond, and he clicked with this baby lynx who was clearly looking to do the same! They’ll clearly be friends for life.

When an elephant named Bubbles’s parents were tragically killed by ivory poachers, she was rescued and brought to an elephant sanctuary where she befriended a black Labrador named Bella. The two hit it off immediately! 

One of their favorite things to do is play in a nearby lake. Bubbles gives Bella rides on her back, and then Bella leaps off into the water and makes a huge splash! These two are clearly meant to be best friends! But you don’t have to be a mammal to make friends with one…

This seems like an incredibly odd pairing, and normally it would be. But, this iguana and marmoset have clearly found some common ground, and from the look of it, their conversation flows seamlessly! Even “down under” odd animal friendships abound…

Rescue workers in Australia found this five-month-old baby kangaroo named Anzac, and they paired her with a wombat named Peggy for company. As it turned out, they made sure each other never felt lonely! 

Leo the lion, Baloo the black bear, and Shere Khan the tiger were all rescued from a broken home where they were badly abused. Because they all went through the ordeal together, the three formed a lasting bond that will never be broken.

Anjana the chimpanzee was raised with love and affection by a caretaker named China York. So, when the chimp was introduced to a tiger cub named Mitra, she showed the same level of nurturing. See, birds of a feather don’t always flock together.

When a little macaque was found all alone in Guangdong, China, rescue workers took him to a local animal shelter for protection. There, he befriended this white dove. But a bird doesn’t need to be a dove to be peace-loving…

These two snuggle bunnies look like they couldn’t be any more comfortable. Sea lions and penguins usually stick to their own kind when it comes to hanging out, but not these two! 

Mani the wild boar was found as a piglet by a German firefighter among the ashes of a burned home, so he brought her home and introduced her to his Jack Russell named Candy. Now, the two stick together like white on rice.

When Mabel the chicken met these puppies, her motherly instincts took over and she began keeping them warm by sitting firmly on top of them! During cold winter nights, these pups are sure going to be happy they have a chicken for a mom.

No one is quite sure how this homeless dog and duck became friends, but they’ve been spotted and photographed by people all over Paris, France. Hey, during tough times, sometimes all you need is someone to snuggle up close with!

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the blue tick hound live together at an endangered species reserve. Roscoe followed Suryia and her handlers home one afternoon, and since he didn’t have a family of his own, the two became inseparable!

After this poor cheetah named Kumbali was abandoned by his family, workers at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia introduced him to Kago, a rescue dog from a local shelter. It didn’t take long before these two guys became completely smitten with each other!

Owen the hippo was found stranded after a tsunami struck Kenya in 2004. He was moved to an animal sanctuary where he met Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise! Owen uses Mzee as a sort of emotional support system, cuddling up with him for comfort. 

Busch Gardens, an amusement park located in Virginia, houses plenty of animals, and one 65-acre enclosure is home to a giraffe named Bea and her unlikely best friend: an ostrich named Wilma!

Although emperor shrimp normally live inside sea cucumbers, they will occasionally hop a ride on the back of sea slugs for a scenic little trip around the ocean floor while they feast on the debris the slugs kick up.

Gertjie the rhino and Lammie the goat were both abandoned by their families as babies, and they were brought to a South African animal sanctuary where they formed a special bond. What’s their favorite activity? Running around and bumping heads with each other!

In 1999, a Massachusetts couple adopted Cassie, an infant kitten they found abandoned on their property. Amazingly, they also discovered a crow, who they nicknamed Moses, who had been feeding and caring for the kitten. Even after Cassie was rescued, she spent her days outside, playing with Moses!

Gorillas have actually been known to adopt cats, and the famous, beloved gorilla Koko was no different. She fell in love with a kitten named Ms. Gray as soon as she saw her. Can’t you just see the love in their eyes?

Although tarantulas can be vicious killers, they don’t hurt tiny microhylid frogs. Instead, they keep them around as “pets” because the frogs help protect the spiders’ eggs from ants. Scientists suspect the toxins in the frogs’ skin makes them taste bad, so the spiders use them to their advantage instead of consuming them.


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