Family Pays $250 For Complicated Surgery To Save The Life Of Their Goldfish

As much as people love their pets, there are some that rank higher on the pecking order than others—and it usually follows how long they stick around. Dogs and cats, for example, are more likely to be considered “part of the family” than, say, a hermit crab.

Yet that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some people out there who treat every animal equally. That was certainly the case with one family from the United Kingdom with their goldfish.

Yes, you read that correctly. Their pet goldfish, Bob, was more than 20 years old and had a life-threatening tumor. Many families would have just flushed Bob down the toilet at that point, but this family did something quite a bit different!

A family in Norfolk, England noticed that their 20-year-old pet goldfish, Bob, had a lump on one of his fins.


Their local vet, Faye Bethell, diagnosed it as a tumor. The family decided there was just one thing to do…


Perform surgery, of course! The procedure took just over half an hour.


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