This Mastiff Could Be The Biggest Dog In Australia… And He’s Not Done Growing Yet!

Being the owner of a big dog is quite the commitment. Not only do you need to have enough space for them to roam and play, but food costs more, cleanup takes more effort, and they face health issues simply because of their size.

Mark and Dorothy York are the proud owners of an English mastiff that is more than just big; in fact, they say he may be the biggest dog in their home country of Australia. At only 2 years old and already a whopping 250 pounds, Baron the mastiff is a just big, soft baby at heart.

Meet Baron, the enormous English mastiff who lives with his family in Australia. Despite his imposing size, this 2-year-old is not even done growing. Lovingly described by his owner as a “real boofhead,” Baron is a softie that doesn’t realize just how large he is when it comes time to snuggle.

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