Dolphin With A Spinal Deformity Was Taken In By An Unlikely New Family

We tend to think of traits like generosity and kindness as distinctly human ones, so people are often surprised when they look at creatures in nature and find many of these same sorts of qualities. Just look at this bottlenose dolphin’s story for instance!

He was born with a severe spinal deformity which affects his ability to swim quickly. He likely had trouble keeping up with his fellow dolphins, but remarkably, another group of creatures took him in as if he were one of their own!

Scientists monitoring a pod of sperm whales off the coast of Lisbon, Portugal were stunned to discover that the whales had taken in an unlikely new friend: a bottlenose dolphin with a spinal deformity!

Researchers had never seen this sort of behavior before and offered a number of theories about why it may have happened. Some think the dolphin is simply able to keep up with the slow whales better than his quick dolphin brethren…

Other scientists speculate that the whales may keep the dolphin around to act as a babysitter for their calves while they make deeper dives. No matter what the explanation is though, this makeshift family is truly remarkable!

Catch a glimpse this unlikely whale pod on the move in the footage below!

It’s just as touching to see animals getting along as it is to see people helping each other out.

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