‘Mom’ Cat Dumped Outside A Shelter With Her Kittens Isn’t What She Appears To Be

Every day, animal rescue organizations do really vital work. Without them, stray, sick, and abandoned animals would most likely be left to fend for themselves forever.

But with just a little love and care, these animals can undergo incredible transformations. That’s why it was so essential that Margie Morris, an employee at Alabama’s Project Purr Animal Rescue, found two boxes left outside of the building one morning.

What she discovered when she opened them, however, was even more surprising…

When Margie Morris arrived for her shift at the Project Purr Animal Rescue in Mobile, Alabama, she didn’t expect to find two large cardboard boxes at the door. They were sealed with duct tape, and because of the holes popped into the boxes, she immediately worried that they contained animals of some sort.

She carefully brought the two boxes inside and opened the first one with trepidation. What would she uncover? And would whatever was in there be alive? Thankfully, her fears were assuaged the moment she lifted the flaps. There, looking up at her, were two teeny orange kittens and a female cat whom she presumed to be their mother! The second box was empty, and Margie suspected that another cat had been inside, but had escaped during the night.

Margie named the female cat Caroline and the kittens Shilo and Neil. “We set up a little bed and a little kennel for her to keep them safe,” said Margie. “We’re giving [Caroline] extra cat food with vitamins.” Still, a big question remained: how the heck did they wind up there? And who would abandon such sweet animals?

“As small as they are, the kittens will play, and they’re wrestling each other and jumping around, and they cuddle up next to the mom,” said Margie. “She loves them, and she’s taking very good care of them.”

It took a few days before Margie noticed something strange about Caroline. Margie quickly realized that Shilo and Neil were still nursing her, which could only mean one thing: Caroline had only just recently given birth to them.

Then, the unthinkable happened: the very next day, Caroline went into labor—and delivered four healthy kittens! It turned out that she wasn’t Shilo and Neil’s mother after all. In fact, their mom was probably the cat who escaped from the second box.

They might not be her biological kittens, but this mama cat wasn’t going to abandon her adopted kids. “I’m just grateful that she didn’t run away and leave the babies,” said Morris. “I think that might be the best thing I love about that cat—she did not leave those babies.”

Sadly, it is not at all uncommon for people to abandoned their animals outside of the shelter doors. Just two nights after Caroline and the kittens arrived, the shelter staff was faced with yet another box of abandoned tuxedo kittens.

“Somebody left a box of eight tuxedo kittens, and it looks like two different litters—three in one litter and five in the other litter,” said Margie. “It’s really unsafe for the cats because we’re not there in the evenings. And if we weren’t there, those kittens probably would have been dead—they would have been hit by a car.”

Luckily, thanks to Margie and her team’s dedication and hard work, all of these cats were getting the second chance they deserved. If you want to support the work that people like Margie are doing, please consider making a donation.

Thank goodness people like Margie exist! Without them and all the hard work that they do every single day of the week, who knows just how many cats would be in desperate need?

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