Hero Dog Nearly Dies Protecting His Owners From Knife-Wielding Assailant

Loyalty is an important trait, but it’s far too uncommon. When we find ourselves in a situation where our loyalty is tested, we quickly discover who stands behind us and who doesn’t.

This holds true with animals, as well, and it was showcased by a brave dog from Kibler Park, South Africa one day. When the son of the dog’s owner threatened them with a knife, this loyal pooch courageously intervened—though not without a dear cost to himself.

What he did left no one questioning just how loyal man’s best friend really is…

There’s a reason divorce lawyers can make big-time money: people aren’t as loyal as they’d like to pretend they are. Sometimes it can be difficult to find someone you trust to have your back in a life or death situation. When you do, however, you know you’ve found someone special.

Dog owners might not have such a difficult time finding a loyal friend, however. Like the postal service, neither snow nor rain can keep a loyal dog from protecting you and remaining at your side every single day.

Recently, one family from Kibler Park, South Africa, learned what lengths their dog would go for them. The dog in question, a Boerboel named Buddy, put his own life on the line to save his owners…

Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre / Facebook

While Buddy lie by himself in one room, he heard a scream from another part of the house. Buddy didn’t hesitate for a second; he leapt to his feet and ran directly to the source of the commotion.

Boudewijn Olthof / Flickr

What he saw was a terrifying scene: his owner’s own son was wielding a knife at them. Somehow, even with his canine understanding of the world, Buddy read the situation perfectly…

cougar337 / Flickr

Buddy could sense that the knife-wielding son was trouble and that his owner needed help right away. One way or another, he was going to intervene, and he lunged at the son. But doing so nearly cost him dearly…

Ch3vy / Wikimedia

In protecting his owner, Buddy suffered six knife wounds, but he managed to force the angry son to flee. Buddy’s loyalty to his owner saved his life, but now he had to fight to keep his own. Luckily, the Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre (SARAC) conducted a rescue effort…

Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre / Facebook

Miraculously, brave Buddy healed from all of his stab wounds. Rescuers praised the dog for his loyalty, and on SARAC’s Facebook page, well-wishers were quick to heap praise on the heroic dog!

Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre / Facebook

“This furhero needs the biggest, juiciest, rump steak this family can find!” one Facebook user wrote. “What a blessing that this family have such a wonderful creature.” She wasn’t alone in her sentiments, either.

Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre / Facebook

Another user wrote: “Heroes come in all shapes, sizes [sic] some have two legs and many have four. What an extraordinary act of bravery this precious being did!” There’s no doubting Buddy’s loyalty to his family. He put his life on the line for them. Clearly, he’s a very good boy!

Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre / Facebook

Since Buddy’s heroic moment, his owners’ son has been captured and jailed. Thank goodness Buddy was around to save the day!

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