No One Wanted To Help This ‘Broken’ Cat Until A Savior Saw Her Trying To Walk

It’s pretty difficult for any stray cat to get adopted. People don’t necessarily know what sort of trauma these animals have been through or what kind of health problems they may have. Often, they might see these issues as a burden than anything else.

It’s even more difficult when said cat has a physical deformity that renders something as simple as walking a challenge. Special-needs cats require more active care than most “normal” kitties would.

This was the case for one ginger tabby cat who was considered “broken” because she couldn’t walk on her front paws. Yet even she was able to find somebody to love her!

Most stray cats already have a tough time finding forever homes, but it’s even more challenging when they’re suffering from a disability. This beautiful ginger tabby was thought to be “broken” because of an unfortunate condition that forced her to “walk” on her two front elbows rather than her paws as other cats would.

Obviously, such an unusual condition would make something as simple as getting from one place to the next more of a challenge than it otherwise would be. Still, this cat was used to it—and she had no problem getting by. She could even walk upstairs!

And, like most other cats, she loved to play and frolic! Still, despite the fact that she was very much a normal kitty (besides her physical deformity), she found it difficult to find a forever home. It’s hard enough to be able to handle a stray, after all—let alone one who couldn’t walk properly. Was she doomed?

This poor ginger tabby seemed like all hope was lost… that is, until one special woman came along. After one look at her—with her unusual way of hobbling around and all—she was in love. The woman brought the cat to the vet, gave her plenty to eat and drink, and finally welcomed her into her home!

And that wasn’t all. The orange tabby even has some new gear to show off in the form of special prosthetic attachments on her front legs. With these, she’ll be able to move more easily and safely. With the cushioned padding, even just walking around is now far less dangerous!

While the following video is not in English, this feisty feline’s incredible spirit—as well as the kindness that has been shown to her—needs no translation. Just wait until you see how she reacts to her new “legs!”

While we may not know much about her, it’s wonderful that this cat found a loving forever home. Hopefully, things will only get better for her from here on out!

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