Kitten Mesmerized By His Owner’s Chewing Gum Doesn’t Hesitate To Burst His Bubble

As a child, there’s something magical about seeing things for the first time. Watching cars drive by, seeing animals up close, and even playing with toys, to name a few.

Watching someone use bubblegum to blow a bubble is also one of those fun, formative moments. The amazement of watching a tiny breath of air grow into what amounts to a candy balloon isn’t just for humans to enjoy — it’s clear that animals are fascinated by bubblegum, too!

This adorable kitten knows a thing or two about that. Just watch what he does when his owner blows one right in his face…

This tiny kitten was recently watching his owner chew a piece of bubblegum.

You could see a light go on in his head as the bubble began to inflate…

He stared the bubble down as it grew larger. Then he couldn’t help himself any longer…

That is just too cute. We all know what it’s like to fight back to the urge to pop someone else’s bubble sometimes!

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