Button Quail Chicks Are Super Tiny, Super Cute, And Guaranteed To Steal Hearts

If you’re an animal lover, it’s hard to find one species that you think is the cutest of them all. Big or small, slimy or fluffy, when you’re passionate about animals, every single one is worth your affection in its own way.

That said, no matter how passionate you are about animals, one thing needs no debate: the smaller they are, the more adorable they seem. There’s a reason everyone melts at the sight of a kitten or puppy, after all; tiny equals totally lovable.

That said, there’s an animal that lives in certain parts of the world that is uneniably one of the tiniest you will ever see. It’s also completely adorable, delicate, and a total must-see. Prepare to meet your new favorite animal: the button quail chick!

Originally found in Africa and southern Asia, button quails are the smallest of the true quail species, so their babies are extra tiny. Look at this delicate little chick nesting in this person’s palm! Isn’t she the most adorable little thing?

Here’s one next to an average baby chicken for comparison. See? The regular chick (on the right) looks so big next to the teeny button quail that we’d be surprised if this wasn’t a screen test for a remake of Godzilla (starring only fowl, of course).

When they’re born, button quails weigh just a few grams. They’re so small, actually, that they can fit inside a teaspoon—with plenty of room to spare! This little button quail chick seems like he’s ready for his afternoon tea. One lump of sugar or two?

Even a more mature button quail chick is still petite compared to the chicks of other types of birds! This one is perfectly content resting inside the palm of a farmer’s hand. It must be so comfortable in there!

Awww! Look at this little fellow scurry into this “hand-made” and oh-so-cozy button quail coop! You would think that being so small would make them shy and fearful around humans, but they are quite trusting.

It makes sense that, because they are so itty-bitty, people around the world love to pose their button quail chicks using doll furniture and doll clothes. Can you blame them for setting up such sweet little scenes? It’s hard to imagine anything much cuter.

Button quails come in a variety of colors like silver, white, brown, and many combinations. Variety is the spice of life, and that’s true even when it comes to button quails and their coloring. These little guys are just-hatched, and they already have some feathers!

Their light frame makes them great skateboarders as well, apparently. This looks pretty cute, but before you take your button quail chick out for a spin on the skateboard, you might want to go ahead and invest in a very small helmet, too!

Like any other chick, button quails are very vocal and they communicate with a wide range of clicks, chirps, and crows. Who knew that such a small animal could be capable of making such a big sound? It’s true what they say: amazing things can come in small packages.

Even when they’re all grown up, these small birds can still fit comfortably in your hand. Oh sure, it’s not as comfortable for them as it might have been when they were wee little chicks, but it’s still totally possible for them!

When they grow up, the buttons quails are every bit as gorgeous as they were as chicks. These beautifully colored birds look more like something that you would see in history books than something you would find on the farm. Check out those magnificent feathers!

Looking at this tiny striped fellow, it’s almost impossible to believe that he’s going to grow up to be such an elegant looking bird. Don’t you sort of wish that they could stay little chicks forever? Not to worry—there are plenty more chicks where this guy came from!

Button quail chicks actually make great pets. They’re highly active and always on the move, searching for seeds and other little trinkets. Their small size makes them easy and inexpensive to care for, too.

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