Lion’s Caretakers Surprise Him With A Special Gift When His Favorite Toy Gets Destroyed

Many children are known for having security blankets. Whether it’s a literal blanket, a toy, or a person like their mom or dad, it’s easy for them to get attached to their favorite things.

It’s a phenomenon for many adults, too. In fact, people of all ages hate to feel separated from the physical things that mean something important to them.

Apparently, this even happens to animals, too. When one lion named Cameron lost his favorite toy, his caretakers did something special to cheer him up again!

In 2004, animal rescue group Big Cat Rescue saved Cameron the lion from a neglectful and abusive roadside zoo in New Hampshire that wanted to breed him with his white tiger friend named Zabu.

Big Cat Rescue / YouTube

Luckily, though, the future was bright for the lion. After recovering at his new home and making tons of friends, Cameron’s handlers wanted to ensure that he would be feel comfortable.

So, they set out to find him something that could act as his “security blanket.” While they couldn’t be sure how he would react to their choices, they hoped he would take to one of the options. When they brought one specific toy into his enclosure, however, the reaction was immediate…

As it turned out, the yellow doughnut they provided him was a big hit! For a long while, Cameron wouldn’t let the toy leave his side. Unfortunately, as one of his handlers explained, Cameron eventually chewed his beloved yellow ring beyond repair, and it had to be taken away from him.

Like anyone who lost their favorite plaything, Cameron seemed distraught. But there was good news on the horizon: Cameron’s handlers had the perfect idea to cheer him up. They couldn’t wait to see the look on his face once he finally found the special present they got just for him.

Somewhat surprisingly, the first big cat to find the toy was not Cameron, but his pal Zabu. She definitely seemed to be curious about the strange object, but she eventually lost interest in it.

That was just as well, though, because the toy was clearly not meant for Zabu in the first place. It was, after all, a brand new doughnut toy, just like the one that Cameron used to have before he chewed it up!

When he finally discovered it, Cameron was over the moon about his new toy. One might have wondered if he had grown too attached to his old doughnut to be able to fall in love with a new one, but that didn’t seem to be a problem!

Cameron just couldn’t wait to play around with his new yellow ring. He may have been playing somewhat aggressively as only the king of the jungle can, but he wasn’t afraid to be silly, either!

In order to really get a sense of how wonderful this moment was for a beautiful lion and the special toy that he loved, you’ll definitely want to watch the events unfold in the video below. Just look at the sheer delight on his face when he spotted the yellow ring…

Cameron looks thrilled to finally be reunited with his favorite toy. Let’s just hope this one lasts a little longer! Make sure to visit Big Cat Rescue to help lions just like Cameron!

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