Man Carries His Dog 50 Miles After It Was Attacked By A Crocodile On A Hunting Trip

Most dog owners would go to great lengths to assure their pet’s safety, but not everyone would risk their own life.

Wild pig hunter Wayne Best went even further than most people would to protect his four-legged friend Choco while on a hunting trip in Australia. Wayne’s persistence to save his canine from harm at all costs is truly remarkable.

Wayne, a wild pig hunter, was on a hunting trip along the Mitchell River in Northern Queensland, Australia with his 3-year-old Arab greyhound mix Choco when, out of nowhere, a 20-foot crocodile emerged from the water and attacked his dog.

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“It went for the dog and just got him by the arse end, picked him up and just shook him and then went under water,’’ Wayne said. “That was all that I saw of him. About two minutes later, Choco pops up again and I didn’t see the croc, and he swam back in to land. I had to take him back to camp, splinted him up and fixed a few holes in him, in his belly and stuff like that.”

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Wayne proceeded to carry his dog for two days, traveling 50 miles to find the nearest road! Luckily, once he made it out, he and Choco were able to hitchhike some of the way. Eventually, the duo was spotted by a friend of Wayne’s, who drove them to a vet.

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“The best thing Wayne did was bring the dog straight to the clinic. It’s going to be a very long recovery, but for the moment, the dog is alive,” Dr. Ethan Maloney said of Choco, whose medical bills are roughly $2,300. Wayne plans to pay the expenses by working on a local farm. 

Marc McCormack

“He’s my mate. He’s like family to me,’’ Wayne said. “He’s my best friend to me in the whole world. Money means nothing to me. I just want him better. I walked a long way for him, but I would have walked a million and one miles for him if need be.”

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