Cat Chases Down The Mailman Every Day To Make One Brazen Demand

Everybody knows that dogs and mailmen have a notoriously difficult relationship, but we rarely consider how our other pets feel about postal workers. Well, as it turns out, some animals and mail carriers get along just fine!

Levi Davis is a postman in the small town of Taranaki, New Zealand, and he delivers letters and packages every day without fail. It is his job, after all!

Every day when he arrives to a certain house, however, he has one special visitor who always has the same request…

It’s no secret that dogs and mailmen have a hard time getting along. While this is generally understood, most people have no idea how their other pets feel about these mailmen and women. When taking a closer look, you might be surprised by the results.

Mail carrier Levi Davis of Taranaki, New Zealand, is no stranger to encountering people’s pets while out on his daily route. Whether they bark at him relentlessly or simply ignore him, he still does his duty and shows up to deliver the mail each and every day.

There is, however, one stop on his route that he anticipates each day. At this particular home, a neighborhood cat greets him day in and day out. And every time he approaches Levi, he has a very specific demand for his friendly mailman…

Each day when Levi arrives to this neighborhood in Taranaki, there’s a cat who runs outside to see him. No matter the weather or day of the week, he shows up without fail, much in the same way that Levi delivers the mail.

The cat, who Levi later learned was named Tortie, has been greeting him outside for quite some time. When he anticipates that his friend is arriving to deliver the mail to his owners, he rushes outside to say hello to his old friend!

Each day, Tortie runs out right in front of Levi’s bicycle to greet him. Then, anticipating spending time with his friend, he makes a dash for the nearby fence. When he climbs up top, he waits for the mailman to catch up…

Then, without fail, Tortie jumps from the top of the fence into the basket on the front of Levi’s bike. Sitting perched atop a series of outgoing mail, the cat then basically waits for his best friend to treat him like royalty!

All the while, Tortie purrs and lets Levi know how much he loves hanging out with him. He’ll sit inside of his basket for as long as the mailman will allow him to, even though he knows he’ll be back the next day to do the same thing.

After all, it sure could be a lot worse. As evidenced by the interaction between this mail carrier and a house cat below, sometimes these relationships aren’t always so friendly. Just imagine having to bring the mail to this home every day!

While the interactions between Tortie and Levi may be brief, they doesn’t make them any less unique or special. You have to see how adorable it is when this kitty spots his best pal pulling up to deliver the mail…

What a cute kitty! He’s just as dedicated to getting his daily snuggle as Levi is to getting all his letters and packages delivered.

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