This Poor Cat Was Finally Rescued After Being Trapped For Months In Pounds Of Her Own Fur

Animals make wonderful companions for the elderly, but as people age, it can become increasingly difficult for them to care for a pet in addition to themselves. It’s important that when we check in on older relatives, we also check to make sure their pets are okay, too.

If we don’t, frightening incidents like what happened to Hidey the cat can occur. Hidey’s owner was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and didn’t give the cat the attention she needed. That neglect resulted in one very huge issue…

When a Pittsburgh man went to visit his elderly relative in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, he was shocked to find that the relative’s cat had been neglected for ages and was trapped in pounds and pounds of its own matted fur…

Facebook / Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center

He brought the cat, whom he nicknamed Hidey, because she’d been hiding under a bed when he found her, to the Animal Rescue League shelter where workers were able to shear through her dense, dreadlock-like clumps of fur.

Facebook / Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center

They speculate that part of the reason Hidey’s fur situation got so out of control is that she’s obese and can’t properly groom herself. That, combined with the fact that her owner rarely has visitors, meant that the situation went unnoticed for far too long. 

Facebook / Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center

The Western PA Humane Society arranged for a distant relative of Hidey’s owner to care for the cat, and they emphasized that Hidey’s incident should serve as a warning to us all that not only do the elderly and infirmed need to be checked on regularly, but their animals do as well.

Facebook / Western PA Humane Society

Thank goodness someone finally realized Hidey was suffering under all that fur! Hopefully, this story will help prevent other incidents of accidental pet neglect among the elderly.

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