Cat No One Would Touch Shows His Gratitude After Being Hugged For The First Time

When animals are stray, they run the risk of contracting any number of diseases while living on the streets. One of the more common ailments found in these situations is mange.

Sarcoptic mange is a condition caused by mites that is contagious. It’s easily spread among cats, dogs, and even to humans. This infection causes its carrier to lose patches of hair and develop an intense itching sensation, which leads to scratching and serious damage to the skin, if not treated immediately.

Valentino, a stray cat, was living with this awful condition when rescuers discovered him on the streets. His case was so severe that his eyes were swollen shut, and that was just the beginning…

Animal rescuers in Los Angeles recently found a stray cat in a very unhealthy situation. He was suffering from a case of sarcoptic mange that was so severe his eyes were completely sealed shut.

Leave No Paws Behind

The rescuers quickly brought the poor cat to the nearby Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. Most visitors to the shelter wouldn’t go near him because of his startling appearance. 

Leave No Paws Behind

That all changed when Elaine Seamans entered the picture. “He reached out with his little paw and made the tiniest meow,” Elaine said in an interview about discovering the cat, later named Valentino, at the shelter. “It was like he was screaming without verbalizing it: ‘Please help me.'”

Leave No Paws Behind

As the founder of At-Choo Foundation, a non-profit that helps shelter dogs, Elaine is a regular visitor to the Baldwin Park animal shelter. When she held Valentino for the first time, she knew that she had to help him. She called Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, and told her about the cat.

Leave No Paws Behind

Toby arrived at the shelter just a few days later to bring Valentino back with her, though, not before making a stop at the vet. “His prognosis is excellent and once he gets through this, he’s going to have a long life ahead of him,” she said in an interview.

Leave No Paws Behind

Even though Valentino was unable to open his eyes to see his rescuers, they could feel the thankfulness emanating from within him. “You can tell he is very grateful. He will purr for them and try to rub up against [vet staff]. He knows he is safe,” Toby said. 

Leave No Paws Behind

Valentino continues to wait for his forever home, while he recovers from his condition.

To think that, at first, no one wanted to give Valentino a chance is just awful. Luckily, someone came forward to lend a helping hand. Learn more about how to make a donation toward Valentino’s recovery here.

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