Newborn Puppy Abandoned By His Mom Faces Certain Death Until This Cat Steps In

When a newborn puppy needs help, you’d better hope his mother’s around: it’s tough for humans to fill in that vital caretaker role. Still, even if Mom isn’t present, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Norland the pit bull puppy was rejected by his mother at birth, and he was brought to the Cleveland Animal Protective League. At just a day old, the caretakers there knew they had to do something quickly if the fragile pup was to survive.

That’s when they turned to an unlikely candidate for help…

A newly born puppy can find itself in a world of trouble without the proper guidance. It’s especially vital for these little fellas to have their mothers at their side for as long as possible. Only their mothers can provide the proper nourishment, protection, and love.

That’s why facilities like Cleveland’s Animal Protective League (APL) have measures in place to help puppies who no longer have their mother, for one reason or another. Recently, however, the organization faced quite the challenge…

Annette Lawless / Youtube

A day-old pit bull puppy they’d named Norland recently landed on the doorstep. Without his mother, the puppy was going to have an uphill battle ahead of him for survival, even with the help of the Cleveland APL team.

Annette Lawless / Youtube

“He needed some kind of immediate intervention if he was going to survive,” one APL caretaker said of Norland’s state when he arrived at the facilities. Still, it would be hard to replace all that Norland’s mother could have offered…

Annette Lawless / Youtube

“Our incredible team at the APL put their heads together and decided to give something a try,” another caretaker, unnamed in the video, stated. While they couldn’t give Norland his mother, maybe they could give him the next best thing?

Annette Lawless / Youtube

The APL team turned to another animal at their facility to help out Norland: Lolaine the cat. She’d only just given birth and her motherly instincts were in full force—but how would she react to a dog in her litter?

Annette Lawless / Youtube

“We held the puppy up to her,” one employee recounted. “[Lolaine] came up, and she started sniffing, and immediately nuzzling, and licking, and just accepted the puppy as one of her own.” In fact, Lolaine was so receptive to Noland that she nursed him and took care of him like her own kitten!

Annette Lawless / Youtube

 “I don’t think he knows she’s a cat,” another caretaker said of Norland and Lolaine’s relationship. “And I don’t think she knows he’s a dog.” Together, the two form an interspecies family that’s capable of melting hearts.

Annette Lawless / Youtube

Still, Norland needs some additional care from the APL team: “He probably gets fed seven to eight times—if not more” every single day, the caretakers said of Norland. As he grew, Noland obviously needed a lot of food and milk!

Annette Lawless / Youtube

If you thought Norland and Lolaine were cute, wait until you see their entire family in the video below. There are four more adorable kittens that make up the entire team. Noland was lucky to be taken into such a loving feline family!

The APL hopes that Noland’s story might inspire some folks to help foster newborn puppies. After all, it isn’t every day you can have a cat pitch in to help out!

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