Cat Tries Her Best To Hunt A Snake But Ends Up With It Stuck Up Her Nose

In the wilds of Africa, big cats like lions are kings of the jungle. Their keen eyesight, excellent hearing and powerful claws make them supreme hunters capable of catching almost any prey that crosses their paths.

Their distant cousin the house cat is also an excellent hunter. While catching mice and bugs isn’t as impressive as taking down an antelope, it’s still pretty respectable.

Sadly, not all cats got that hunting gene. While they may still have the drive to hunt, they aren’t all exactly great at it. This is something a man named Nathan’s cat Marian proved when she went hunting and things went hilariously wrong.

When Nathan and his family were enjoying some sun on the deck, they noticed their cat Marian making a strange noise. They looked down and saw something dangling from her nose!

Marian was clearly uncomfortable, but she didn’t want any of her people interfering with the situation taking place inside her nostrils. But they persisted. 

Once Nathan got a good grip on Marian, they were really able to examine the situation and see just what had worked its way inside of their cat’s nose.

They looked closer and realized that Marian had a small snake that was lodged in her sinuses! They couldn’t believe their eyes, for obvious reasons.

Marian did her best to try and dislodge the snake, but simply licking her nose wasn’t going to be quite enough to get this job done.

Marian squirmed, but her people knew they had to get that snake out of her nose! The real question was, how did it even creep inside of her tiny nose, to begin with?

The best they could figure is that Marian had eaten that snake after catching it during one of her hunting sessions. Only, she didn’t exactly chew before she swallowed…

Once they got the snake out of Marian’s nose the entire family was stunned at just how long this snake really was! It wasn’t such a little snake after all!

Just wait until you see how they remove the snake. You won’t believe your eyes!

Marian the cat might not be a great hunter, but at least she’s got plenty of friends and family to help her out when she gets in a bind.

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