Cat Instantly Regrets Falling Asleep On Top Of The Garage Door

They say that curiosity was what killed the cat, but for one kitty in Louisiana, the culprit was very nearly an unwise nap location! At least, that’s what it appeared to be to anyone who saw poor Bella, lodged in a tight spot, in need of serious help.

It’s likely that Bella had been napping on top of her owner’s garage door, while it was open and horizontal. But when her owner drove off and closed the door… well, see for yourself.

“Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival,” said Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department Deputy Mike Scott. There, caught between a door and hard place, was Bella the cat.

Ascension Sheriff / Facebook

Thankfully the neighbors took notice, and Deputy Scott was on the scene right away. Even better? After an examination, it was determined that Bella was uninjured! Though, she might be a little embarrassed…

Ascension Sheriff / Facebook

That is one sight that those neighbors won’t soon forget! Good thing Bella is safe and sound and hopefully her owner will take a look above the garage door before leaving from now on—you never know when Bella might be up there!

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