Mom Hears A Gunshot And Goes To Check On Her Son, When She Finds The Cat Bleeding, She Calls 911

When Angelica Sipe heard a gunshot go off near her home in York, Pennsylvania, her first thought was to check on her 3-year-old son. Rushing into the living room, she found him totally safe—thank goodness.

Then, to her horror, she turned and saw that not everyone in the house had escaped unscathed. The family cat, Opie, had been struck by the stray bullet and was in need of immediate care. What she would discover later, however, was that Opie was actually a hero.

Angelica, who lives in York, PA, with her 3-year-old son, was horrified when she heard a gunshot go off nearby. Her first instinct was to check on her son.

Facebook / Angelica Sipe

After finding him safe, she realized her cat, Opie, had been hit.


Watch how her loyal cat might just have saved her son’s life…

Thankfully, Opie is going to make a full recovery. Who knows what would have happened had he not been there to take that bullet? Let’s just be glad no one has to find out.

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