26 Before-And-After Photos That Show How Rescue Cats Benefit From A Loving Home

Raising a pet always has its challenges, but ultimately it’s a rewarding endeavor. To watch a puppy or kitten grow into a well-trained, loving adult pet not only gives you a feeling of pride, but knowing that they’re happy is gratifying in itself.

These 26 before and after pictures are testament to the effects a loving home has on a cat. Whether they were adopted as kittens or rescued from bad situations, these kitties grew into happy, healthy adults!

1. There’s nothing better than growing up together!

Reddit / tMoneyMoney

2. They may be older, but they still love being tucked in just as much as ever! 

i iz cat

3. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s hard to give it up!

Reddit / Funkadoo

4. They may not look much alike, but these sisters stick together!


5. There’s nothing better than your own bed…apparently even if you outgrow it!


6. This cool kitty has always loved just hanging out!

Imgur / arpak

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