Paralyzed Cat Finds A New Job Helping Sick Animals At This Veterinary Clinic

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a good friend’s support when you’re going through a tough time. The knowledge that you have someone reliable in your corner makes getting through a rough situation much easier.

Luckily for the animals at Clinic Fang in Russia, they always have a friend in Luc, a paralyzed cat who, despite his own injury, provides love and support to others in need…

Luc (short for Lucifer) is a black cat who lives at Clinic Fang in Perm, Russia. As a younger cat, Luc suffered a spinal injury, and now his back legs are permanently paralyzed.

Despite his paralysis, Luc plays an important role at the veterinary clinic: he provides love and support to the sick and injured animals staying there.

Because he’s been injured himself, Luc seems to have a heightened sense of what the other animals are going through, and he won’t hesitate to befriend and cuddle with those who seem anxious or upset.

He never lets his own issues get in the way of being a loving companion to the other animals.

Even the animals you wouldn’t think would enjoy having Luc around seem to appreciate his company and support.

Luc has even saved lives at the clinic by donating blood to other cats in need of a transfusion!

Luc thrives in all the many roles he plays at the clinic.

He even does well in his most recent job: a model! Luc plays a big part in the center’s advertising.

He doesn’t let all the attention get to his head, even if he is king of the clinic!

The clinic workers and animals alike appreciate the important role that Luc plays, and he continues to do his part with compassion and fearlessness!

Luc seems like a very special cat — no wonder everybody at the clinic loves him! Learn more about him and the work Clinic Fang does here.

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