Woman Left Her Senior Dog At A Kill Shelter When She Didn’t Want To Take Care Of It

Adopting a pet means agreeing to provide them with a loving, caring home. In the event you’re unable to take care of your animal the way you planned, there are many ways to find them a better situation; choosing to abandon your pet is not one of them.

An anonymous man recently penned a powerful open letter to a woman known as “Jean,” who left her 12-year-old senior dog Cocoa at a kill shelter, because she was no longer able to provide for her. You have to read what the man had to say to Jean in the open letter below…

“Hello.  You don’t know me, and for your sake, you’d best hope and pray that you never have the misfortune to meet me. How do I know your name? Because the people at animal control gave me Cocoa’s intake sheet. You know, the one you filled out. The one that said Cocoa was 12 years old and you’d had her all those years. The one that said you were moving to a pet-free apartment and couldn’t take your faithful companion of 12 years. You know, the one that you said was a ‘sweet old girl — a wonderful companion.’ The one that said you had limited funds.”


“Here’s the thing, Jean. Oh, I didn’t ask if I could call you Jean but I’m going to. Or I could call you a number of other names, none of which you’d like very much.   When I saw Cocoa’s picture on the animal control website, when I saw that grey muzzle and read the description stating that her people of 12 years, her family, had surrendered her to the pound, it broke my heart.”

“Jean, I once had a dog that was so ornery she got in trouble for biting a kid on the butt because he’d been tugging her ears. When the city quarantined my dog for 48 hours, I was fully prepared to leave my home, leave school, leave everything in the dead of night, everything except my dog. I was going to Thelma and Louise our asses right out of town. I wasn’t playing. Because that’s how I roll. No dog left behind, Jean.”

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