Crocodile Has The Most Mind-Blowing Reaction To Being Chewed On By A Baby Hippo

Animals can be full of surprises once you separate their reputations from their actual behavior. Take hippos, for example, which for whatever reason are often mistaken for being “cute,” rather than the aggressive creatures that they really are.

The truth is that hippos can be extremely territorial and aggressive to the point that they are considered the most dangerous animal in all of Africa. You wouldn’t want to get too close to them!

That’s not to say that more conventionally intimidating animals, such as crocodiles, don’t still pose a threat. But just wait until you learn about the strange relationship between crocs and hippos!

Most people know that crocodiles can be extremely dangerous. In Africa, though, there’s at least one animal that’s even more dangerous to humans, despite being a herbivore: the hippopotamus!

Crocs and hippos often share the same habitats in Africa, so you may assume that there might be conflicts between them. Yet in reality, hippos are larger and much stronger, so the crocodiles tend to leave them alone, including babies… especially if Momma Hippo is nearby.

Unattended baby hippopotamuses sometimes get eaten by crocodiles. More often than not, though, the crocs are so afraid of angering the mother hippos that they’ll let their babies get close. Sometimes, close enough to do something really, well… strange.

Yes, folks, the crocs will actually let the baby hippos chew on their scales, which they like to do for no reason other than they can. It’s as if they’re teething! Grown-up hippos will play with the crocs in their own way, too. Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below, and see how the crocodiles react to the hippos’ odd behavior…

Crocs and hippos sure have a strange relationship. Perhaps that’s just what happens when you’re so afraid of a bigger, stronger animal!

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