Sweet Dog Gets Rescued Just In Time After Her Owner Goes On Facebook With A Horrific Request

Dogs are a blessing to have in anyone’s life. They’re jovial, loyal, goofy, and affectionate. Still, some people take them for granted—and they are all too willing to simply kick them to the curb once taking care of them becomes an “inconvenience.”

But nothing could be as horrible as what this Texas woman did when she decided she no longer wanted her three-year-old Saint Bernard-English bulldog mix, Cinnamon.

Thankfully, before any serious damage to Cinnamon could be done, someone stepped in to put a stop to the madness…

A woman in Texas was the focus of an internet firestorm recently after she posted a status on Facebook that indicated that she was looking for someone to shoot her dog for her. She even said that she would provide the gun.

The heartless and cruel post quickly went viral, and it inspired a flood of commenters who desperately wanted to rescue the dog in question, a Saint Bernard-English bulldog mix named Cinnamon. Still, someone would have to act quickly… or else it would be too late for the doomed pooch.

USA Today tracked the post all the way to the Facebook user’s home, where they confronted her in person. She claimed that she was trying to get rid of Cinnamon because she simply couldn’t care for her anymore.

Thankfully, animal control was alerted and officers promptly came to Cinnamon’s rescue. The pup must have sensed that her fate was about to change for the better, because she seemed excited to see them! More importantly, she was no longer in danger at the hand of her cruel owners, and she was more than ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Now, Cinnamon is safe and sound with a loving foster family, where she’s being cared for until she’s adopted into a forever home. Her foster family says she’s the sweetest thing in the world, which is pretty obvious as soon as you get a look at her.

While you can’t judge what kinds of personal challenge someone may be going through, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to free themselves of this wonderful pup in such a cruel manner. It’s awful to imagine what would have happened if some kind people who saw the post online hadn’t stepped in…

That’s not all of Cinnamon’s story, however. Even just seeing her with her new family is enough to make you happy. Hopefully, there will be more moments like this one for her in the future!

While it’s incredibly disturbing that there are people who treat helpless animals with so little regard, it’s a relief to know that there will always be those willing to step in and help.

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