‘Aggressive’ Pit Bull Proves Everyone Wrong When A Rescuer Reaches Into His Cage

When rescuers finally reached a two-year-old pit bull named Cruz, he was living on the streets. Sick, filthy, and infested with ticks, he was terrified, and he resisted his rescuers’ efforts so vigorously that they had to use a choke stick to bring him in.

Even worse, they labeled him as aggressive, which meant he would probably never find a new, loving home. He was likely doomed—but one of the shelter employees, a woman named Maria Sanchez, just didn’t believe it.

What she was willing to do to prove she was right, though, had some people thinking that she was nuts.

After this two-year-old pit bull named Cruz was rescued, the people who found him immediately labeled him “aggressive.” An animal shelter employee named Maria Sanchez wouldn’t accept that such a beautiful creature could be mean at heart, though.


Maria tried coaxing him out of his corner. Slowly, cautiously, he started to respond. His tail wag was a sign that, perhaps, Maria’s instincts were right about him—but she still had to be careful. One wrong move, and…


He could seriously hurt her if he wanted to. Still, there was something sweet in Cruz’s eyes that convinced Maria that he wouldn’t hurt her. So she continued to encourage him to move closer to her. Sticking out her hand, she hoped he would inch forward…


That’s when Cruz gave Maria a look that almost seemed like he was practically begging her to give him a scratch. If he was aggressive, he surely wasn’t showing it! She suspected she could finally reach out and touch him…


And she did! Once she’d made contact, Cruz settled down on the ground. He wanted to rub his face up against her hand, and he seemed to feel very comfortable around her. His demeanor was so gentle!


Still, Maria had to be careful not to spook Cruz. Not only could she get injured, but his chances at a new home relied on him proving that he wasn’t harmful. When you watch the encounter, you’ll find yourself holding your breath…

Awww! All it takes is a little love and any dog can turn back into the wonderful animals we know they are. Good job, Cruz!

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