20 Very Sleepy Animals That Were Caught Napping In The Most Hilarious Positions

The alarm jolts you awake. Your hair’s a mess, your eyes barely open, and you suddenly remember every reason you don’t want to go to work that. There is almost never a time where we wish we couldn’t snooze a little more.

But delight in the fact that your urge to sleep is totally natural. Birds or mammals, nocturnal or diurnal, scaled or furry, alone or together, we all need — and want — our rest. Still, we can’t all be sleeping beauties, and these 20 sleeping animals proved we all look hilarious when we’re in dreamland.

1. The warmth of the sun, the calming sound of the ocean, the soft feeling of sand underneath your feet… It’s all very soothing. But to fall asleep face planting by the shoreline seems a bit much. Or maybe this elephant had a few too many last night and got a bit “trunk.”

2. Do you ever get neck pain from standing around with no head support? Imagine if your neck was 10 times as long! Giraffes actually have high blood pressure and their heart is a long way from their head, so if they lower their head for too long they get dizzy and can’t stand up. Luckily they’ve found an adorable solution…

3. This doesn’t look comfortable at all, but who are we to judge? Cats are practically liquid and can adjust to any shapes around them. When this Garfield is done sleeping, he’ll probably look like the Michelin cat.

4. Squirrel monkeys are small, short-haired, and use their tail for balance while they climb trees, just like squirrels! In some Germanic languages, they are actually referred to as skull monkeys, due to the shape of their face, or maybe because they look like they’re dead asleep.

5. The way otters sleep is actually adorable in more ways than one. Of course, these little swimmers look cute with their eyes closed, but they also hold hands while they nap in order not to drift away from each other. What can we say? They really love their significant “otter.”

6. Who needs a baby carrier when your little one can just hold you by your hair? It doesn’t sound too pleasant for Mom, but Gorilla Jr. looks out like a light. It’s all heartwarming and cute until they reach the Empire State building…

7. Move over hippies, there’s a new tree hugger in town! This adorable, big-eared little guy is called a tarsier. It may look like a bat but it’s actually a primate. They are nocturnal, which means you can find them snoozing in the daytime. 

8. There are a couple animals who sort of sleep upside down, but bats are the only ones who can do it vertically. Turning their wings into snuggies, they hang outside, side by side, throughout the day. Don’t worry, they won’t even bat an eye.

9. This bear must have had a long day of chasing Goldy Locks out of his house, eating honey with a piglet, protecting the forest, and taking the train in London. We don’t blame him passing out on the nearest tree; some days are just unbearable.

10. Despite the possible crumbs or stains, many of us like to eat in bed. But imagine if you could eat your bed! We can’t comprehend how this bunny never gobbled up his sleeping quarters, but we have the greatest respect for his restraint.

11. All that hopping around with a baby in your pouch must be exhausting! Kangaroos get hot easily, so they’re usually more active at night. That, of course, means that they are inactive by day. Deeply inactive! 

12. Parrots are famous for mimicking us vocally, but this little one wanted to sleep like us too! When this colorful buddy was done hanging out with pirates for the day, he just wanted to be tucked into a comfy nest to sleep the day away.

13. Have you ever had a lucid dream, sleepwalked, or woken up from a nightmare? This dog has just experienced all of those at once. Perhaps he was chasing the neighborhood cat or having a bad dream about the vacuum cleaner. Either way, this pooch had a “ruff” night.

14. It may seem impossible to fall asleep and rest easy in front of strangers, but as you get older, you’ll notice this changes. Maybe this zoo was playing golf on TV because this guy was taking a serious break from his monkey business.

15. Quit “foaling” around! Is this less-than-graceful horse playing hide and seek? With his behind sticking out, he was not making it that challenging. Fingers crossed he got a decent head start! 

16. We all love a little cat nap. House cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, which is twice as long as their owners! However, they don’t snooze all at once: they take tiny naps when they’re feeling tired after washing their ears and chasing the little red dot. 

17. Have you ever woken up from the smell of food? It’s a great motivator to get up for this little pig-in-a-blanket. Just make sure you don’t leave too many crumbs behind when you pig out in bed!

18. Is it a possum, a sloth, or a hairy man’s belly? No, it’s somebody’s pet ferret! This may not be the most elegant way to sleep, but to be honest, most old guys fall asleep on the couch in a pretty similar position.

19. Whale, whale, whale, what have we here? This wa the whale version of cuddling up as a family, feeling safe with their group. Did you know that even during their sleep, whales breathe consciously? Must be quite overwhelming.

20. Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without sloths. Famous for moving slowly (and very little) they are actually called “lazy ones” in some languages. Being this lackadaisical is actually considered a deadly sin, but this sleepy guy is so cute we’ll let it slide.

After seeing all these cozy creatures, we certainly want to take a nap, but then who would be providing you with the latest Honest To Paws stories?

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