This Poor Dog Was Ditched On The Side Of The Road In A Crate With All Of His Toys

Sometimes your life circumstances change and you find yourself in a position where you’re no longer able to care for your pet. It’s regrettable, but in these situations shelters or rescue organizations can always help.

Often, though, people who end up in such circumstances don’t take advantage of these organizations and end up simply abandoning their pet, leaving the animal to fend for itself or hoping somebody else comes along to take care of it.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened recently in the small town of Hingham, Massachusetts. Residents were shocked and saddened to find a little pup in a crate ditched on the side of the road…

One recent morning, residents of the quiet Massachusetts town of Hingham were shocked to find a dog in his crate abandoned on the side of a residential road.

Facebook / Hingham Police

The 2-year-old Maltese was caged with his leash, a blanket, food, and even all his toys. He likely hadn’t been there more than a few hours, and it was apparent that whoever left him wanted him to be comfortable until the right people found him.

Facebook / Hingham Police

Finding no identifying information on the dog, Hingham police turned him over to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, whose vets found that the little guy was in great health and was a real sweetheart.

Facebook / Hingham Police

The cops are currently trying to track down the dog’s owner in order to find out why he was abandoned. Even if they’re not successful, the ARL is prepared to find him a new forever home where he’ll be loved and appreciated!

Animal Rescue League of Boston

It seems like this little pup was well cared for, so it’s terribly unfortunate that his owner felt the need to give him up in such a cruel way. Hopefully he gets a new home soon!

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