Dog Who Won’t Stop Biting His Owner Ends Up Saving Her Life

Some animals are born with a special intuition that allows them to know when something is wrong. Some people call it a sixth sense, while others simply refer to it as animal instinct.

Nevertheless, when it comes to dangerous scenarios taking place, this intuition can come in handy and potentially save a life.

Just ask the Davis family of Vancouver, Washington. When their dog, Patch, bit a member of the family, she was stunned. When she realized why he did it, though, she had to thank her lucky stars…

Like many children, young Clara and Andrew Davis of Vancouver, Washington were always begging their parents for a new dog. After a few years, their parents finally caved and brought home a pup they named Patch. It was clear from the start that he was the perfect dog for the family.

Patch quickly became the center of attention in the family, though, after a few short months, it became clear that he was outgrowing their small home. He’d grown larger than they had anticipated, and needed more space. 

They knew they had to do something about it and called a family meeting to discuss their options…

The kids’ mother, Nola, and her husband knew that Patch needed a bigger home, but they didn’t want to break their children’s hearts and give him away or surrender him to a local animal shelter. They began discussing their options for Patch’s future. It seemed like Andrew and Clara would be devastated by losing him…

Not only were the young children extremely distressed by their parents’ decision, they refused to let it happen. Patch was an important part of their family. While Nola took this into consideration, she just wasn’t sure their pet was worth all the trouble they would have to go through to keep him. However, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Nola decided to hear the children out and decided to wait a few more days before making a decision.

A day later, Nola was home alone and had decided to take a bath. While getting out of the tub, she realized Patch had followed her into the bathroom. She didn’t think much of it until he began gnawing on her wrist, which was out of character for the normally sweet dog. It was as if he was trying to tell her something. Nola decided to get out of the bath tub and see what was going on… 


As Nola peered down the hallway, she had the frightening realization that her house had become engulfed in flames. Together, she and Patch ran from the burning home. He had been trying to save her life the entire time!


At that moment, Nola realized that she left her car keys inside the house and turned back to go in, but Patch pulled her back and wouldn’t allow her to leave. See what happened when he tugged on her as she tried to go into the burning home for her keys…

What a hero. Who knows what could’ve happened if Patch wasn’t there to alert Nola of the house fire!

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