This Puppy Plays Dead Better Than Most Hollywood Actors, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Dogs are relatively easy to read, so it’s always funny when they think they’re pulling one over on you! Whether it’s a tiny pup putting on a big show by acting tough around a large dog or a pooch acting hurt because they’re not allowed to sit on the couch, their antics are always good for a laugh!

This rambunctious little puppy takes dogs’ natural flair for the dramatic to a whole new level. When she’s running around and playing, she pulls out a very theatrical stunt…but nobody’s buying it!

This rambunctious little puppy is full of energy, and she always brings a smile to her owners’ faces!

She loves nothing more than to run around and play…

…and she’s always on the lookout for a game playmate!

But her best quality might just be her flair for the dramatic!

LOL! I’ve seen plenty of dogs play dead before, but never with that sense of showmanship!

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