Dog Meets The Family Cat’s 7 Newborn Kittens And Doesn’t Hesitate To Make His Opinion Known

Finding a good pet-sitter isn’t always easy. Sure, you can hire one using one of the many services that are searchable online. However, even if they’ve been well-reviewed, you’re still putting your best furry friend’s life into the hands of a veritable stranger.

That’s why one woman serving in the Navy was so excited when a friend of hers offered to take long-term care of her two cats. Of course, this friend expected smooth sailing when it came to her pet-sitting gig. But what ended up happening was a shocking surprise…

Recently, when an Imgur user called Oowth embarked on a tour of duty with the Navy, she was worried about leaving her two cats behind. Luckily, her best friend and roommate agreed to take charge of her pets while she was deployed.

Initially, everything seemed in order—other than one of the cats, Gale (pictured), being a bit annoyed about the arrangement. Then, just two days later, the sailor received a call from her roommate regarding her other cat, Terra.

Apparently the poor kitty had been looking a little… bloated. Together they determined that her cat was probably just eating too much food. Rather than bring her to the veterinarian, the roommate decided to keep a close eye on the ailing kitty.

But only a couple of days later, she heard some strange sounds in the night. Rushing out of bed and nervously exploring the home, the roommate discovered that Terra wasn’t eating too much—she was pregnant! In fact, she’d just given birth to seven healthy kittens!

It was an incredible surprise. While the roommate noticed that Terra was putting on weight, it never occurred to her that the cat might be carrying around anything more than some extra kibble in her gut.

Oowth / Imgur

Over the next several days, the roommate and Terra slowly adapted to life with seven new baby kittens. But little did they know that they’d soon be welcoming a new, special friend into their tight-knit posse…

While the arrival of the kittens was a real surprise for the roommate, nobody was more confused about the new intruders than one of her dogs! From the get-go, he seemed dubious of the situation…

Oowth / Imgur

The roommate actually had a few dogs in the home, and each of them was fine with Terra being there. But this didn’t prevent her dachshund mix in particular from being fascinated by the new arrivals.

The roommate knew that her dog wouldn’t hurt a fly, but that didn’t mean she didn’t need to be cautious. She made sure that the interactions between the pooch and the kittens were handled with care…

Oowth / Imgur

Except, she didn’t really need to! Despite her fears, the pup couldn’t have been any more gentle with the kittens if she tried. She wasn’t just kind to the kittens; she was overjoyed by their presence, and she couldn’t stop licking them!

From then on, the adorable kittens and their new dachshund babysitter got along famously! If you didn’t know better you might even think that the dog was part of the feline family…

The dog loved to play with the new babies so much that he’d even bring them to other rooms in the house so they could be wherever the action was. He didn’t want anyone to feel left out!

Oowth / Imgur

Perhaps the most amazing part was that the dachshund wasn’t even the only dog to be excited about the new arrivals. The other pups were similarly thrilled to have some new pals around.

Terra’s kittens and their adoring canine pals were more or less inseparable, but there was just one problem: the kittens needed names! Naturally, the roommate went ahead and gave them some pretty good ones.

Some people don’t really think too hard about giving their pets unique names. This temporary cat owner, however, knew the babies were special. For this reason, she chose names like Schrödinger, Tesla, Honey Boo-Boo, Minerva, and Dutchess.

Oowth / Imgur

Fittingly, she named the two orange kittens Fred and George, in honor, of course, of the famous redheaded Weasley twins from the Harry Potter franchise. Wasn’t that just magical?

Although Honey Boo-Boo needed surgery to get one of her eyes removed—earning her the nickname Honey Peek-a-Boo-Boo—the kittens were all eventually given a clean bill of health. But the story didn’t end there…

This surprise had gone better than anyone could have expected. Terra immediately connected with her litter, and she was happy to nurse them. This was relief to the roommate, as not all new mama cats take to this responsibility so happily.

Even as the kittens grew older, their doggy babysitters remained just as devoted to them as ever before. Only time would tell, but it appeared as though these adorable friends were going to stay that way.

Who says that dogs and cats can’t get along? These cats and their canine siblings were proof that animals are capable of so much more than we ever give them credit for. What an adorable, furry family!

These dogs were so gentle with the newborn kittens. It’s clear that they had true friends for life!

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