Man’s Dog Is Swallowed Whole By Quicksand, And He Has No Choice But To Go In After Him

Teaching your dogs to be able to walk off-leash is one of the most rewarding experiences. Not only does your pooch get the sweet taste of freedom (sort of), but your trust in them deepens as a whole, and it can make for a really great moment!

For Paul Stott, 51, of England, teaching his 3-month-old chihuahua mix, Dave, to be trusted off-leash was going swimmingly. That is, until the day he and his girlfriend were walking along a Northumberland beach and they realized that Dave had disappeared. That’s when he saw the quicksand…

Paul Stott was walking along an English beach with his girlfriend, Kyla. Things were pretty calm, so he decided to let his little chihuahua mix, Dave, off the leash.

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To his horror, his dog ran off—and fell into a patch of quicksand. Paul rushed to his little pup’s aid, but feared it was too late.

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He needed to act fast in order to reach Dave in time. Thankfully, he pulled him out… but his decision was nearly fatal.

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Watch Paul demonstrate how deep the quicksand was…

Phew. Quicksand might not be as common as cartoons made it out to be, but it’s still dangerous—especially for little guys like Dave!

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