Dog Missing For A Month Is Found In A Well Less Than Half A Mile Away

There are few things as stressful as a missing pet. Not only are you anxious and worried about the animal themselves, hoping beyond hope that they’re okay, but you may also feel some guilt over the idea that you didn’t do more to keep them safe.

That’s how John and Cindy Billesberger of Saskatchewan, Canada felt when their Labrador retriever Bruno disappeared. After he’d been missing a month, they began to assume the worst, until one day John discovered something dreadful.

John and Cindy Billesberger’s beloved dog Bruno went missing, and they couldn’t find him in any of his usual spots. After a month without finding any trace of him, they began to fear the worst.

Facebook / Jim Desaultels

Then, one day when John was out about a half mile from the house, another of their dogs showed a strange interest in one particular spot on their neighbor’s property. John decided to investigate… 

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

He stumbled across a four-foot-wide, ten-foot-deep hole, which was likely an old well that had been dug and forgotten about. At the bottom of the well was Bruno, miraculously still alive somehow!

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

John could tell Bruno was in bad shape. He couldn’t bark and his eyes were sunken. Crusty and infected, the poor dog had cuts and sores all over his body, and he’d worn the pads off his paws trying to climb out. John knew he had to act fast…

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

John called his son, who tied a rope around his own waist and jumped down into the well. He scooped Bruno up and lifted him out of the well before climbing out himself.

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

The Billesbergers drove the injured dog to the nearest veterinary hospital in Estevan and prayed that he could hold on just a little bit longer. The workers rushed Bruno in, got him hooked up to IV fluids, and began treating his injuries. 

CTV Regina

He was diagnosed as dehydrated, malnourished, and anemic. The workers noted that in some ways, he was lucky to have fallen in a well, because the little water he had there helped him hang on until he could be rescued.

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

Bruno is still at the veterinary hospital recovering, but he’s getting back to being his old self, and recognizes the Billesbergers again. The staff at the hospital and Bruno’s family is optimistic that he’ll get to return home soon!

CBC / Cindy Billesberger

Poor Bruno! Can you imagine being a half mile from home, trapped and completely helpless? Thank goodness they finally found him.

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