Woman Documents Her Last Day With Her Dog Before Saying Goodbye

Letting go of a pet is never an easy choice to make. If your animal is chronically ill or in pain, putting them down is often the most humane option, but that knowledge doesn’t make the decision to say goodbye any easier.

A Labrador mix named Hannah was loved by her owner, but as she grew older, she began suffering seizures. She was already on medicine for her failing kidneys and joint pain, so her owner had to make a tough choice…

Hannah the Labrador mix was well-loved by her owner, but her health was failing.

She had been having seizures for two months and would need to be put on a new medicine that made her dazed and affected her mobility. 

Hannah was already on medicine for her failing kidneys and joint pain, and the vet told her owner that even if Hannah took the seizure meds, her health would continue to decline.

Considering Hannah’s own well-being, her owner made the difficult decision to put her down.

First, though, she decided to give Hannah a very special last day…

In the morning they went to the groomer, and Hannah was treated to the full spa package.

Once she was all spiffed up, she got a very special beauty mark!

Then they hit the town, with Hannah riding shotgun and sporting a beautiful new bandanna.

They stopped and got Hannah a tasty last meal.

She was more than happy to dig in to some human food!

After lunch, she spent some quality time with her family.

Even though it was tough…

…the kids said their goodbyes.

Hannah got to play with her good friends at the dog park one more time.

Then, she went home to relax.

Her owner decided to give her a pedicure.

Soon, she had pretty pink nails to match her bandanna!

Toward the end of the day, it was time to make the trip to the vet.

Hannah got to ride in her owner’s lap on the way there.

Then, it was time to say the final goodbye. Though it was devastating for her owner, Hannah passed away peacefully in her arms.

We can’t imagine how difficult it was to decide to put Hannah down, but at least she left this world knowing she was loved. We’ll all hug our pets just a little tighter today.

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