Cop Rescuing A Dog From Sweltering Car Gets An Infuriating Explanation From The Owner

As relaxing and enjoyable as summer is, it can be a surprisingly dangerous season. Between heat strokes and dehydration, we can put ourselves—and others—at risk if we ignore the rising temperature. While it’s common knowledge that animals must also not be left in cars without ventilation, that still doesn’t stop some people from neglecting their pets this way.

That was all too clear when a good Samaritan in Vermillion, Ohio, spotted a desperate, elderly dog in a hot car recently. But when the dog’s owner finally approached the scene, no one could believe what she had to say…

It’s safe to say when the summer months roll around, most people’s moods lift and everyone just seems way more relaxed. The cold days of winter are finally gone, and now people can enjoy some fun in the sun.

As much as spending your days outdoors during summer is enjoyable, it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. The sun can cause extreme dehydration and heat stroke, which can then result in death in the worst cases.

In order to ensure you don’t fall victim to the sun’s heat, you always need to be mindful of your water intake and how long you spend outsidee. If you even start to feel remotely thirsty, you’ve already begun the dehydration process.

And, just like humans, animals need to be careful spending time in the sun. As much as your pets might love playing outside during a hot summer day, they need to stay hydrated or else they can suffer the same consequences as us.

Most people are aware by now that animals should never be left inside a vehicle without proper ventilation, especially during those blazing hot summer months, but that hasn’t stopped reckless pet owners from doing so anyway. This type of abuse, sadly, happens all too frequently.

One good Samaritan learned this firsthand recently. Deborah Parker, a resident of Vermillion, Ohio, had just finished some errands one afternoon. As she was walking through the parking lot back to her vehicle, she saw something that made her stop in her tracks.

From the corner of her eye, she saw some sort of a commotion in a red car parked a few spots away from her vehicle. It was a sweltering summer day; surely no one was trapped inside the hot car, right?

Deborah’s heart broke as she peered into the window—and saw a poor dog panting heavily in the front seat! How could someone leave their dog in a car on a such a hot day? She became sick to her stomach.

Deborah knew that the car’s internal temperature could easily reach more than 100 degrees, and she worried the animal would suffer from heat stroke—or worse. She knew she had to act fast…

 So, Deborah called the police for help. Officers would be able to unlock the car doors without smashing through the window. Not long after she placed the phone call, an officer arrived to rescue the trapped animal.

The officer showed up to the scene, and he assessed the situation before he tried to unlock the door from the outside. He didn’t want to startle the poor animal; the officer needed him to stay calm and avoid tiring himself out any more.

Thankfully, the officer carried with him a long, thin instrument used specifically for opening locked car doors from the outside. Both Deborah and the officer hoped it would be the dog’s saving grace. The officer quickly got to work…

The officer worked tirelessly to remove the nervous and overheating dog from the vehicle. As Deborah anxiously watched from a few feet away, the owner of the car finally approached them…

The owner, clearly upset by the whole incident, claimed she’d only left her dog in the vehicle for five minutes—though Deborah begged to differ. Deborah pointed out that she waited a long time for her to return, and when she didn’t, she called the police.

While the owner continued to argue her case, the police officer mentioned that her dog could’ve suffered a horrible fate after being left in such a hot car. “Your dog could be dead, he could be dead,” he stressed to the woman.

As it turned out, there is a law in Ohio that actually protects the people who break into cars to save an animal or child in danger. The law puts the safety of the civilians ahead of the damage to vehicles.

This also applies to those in danger due to dangerous weather like tornadoes, floods, or any other disaster or situation that could lead to death. In times like those, saving a life comes first and foremost.

Many thankful people—including local veterinarian Dr. Janet Rainey (pictured)—praised the law, hoping it would prevent other similar cases from happening. “Ten more minutes and it might have been too late for that dog,” Dr. Rainey explained.

Anyone with a pet needs to be aware of the kinds of conditions inside a locked vehicle. On hot summer days, pet owners must take responsibility for their four-legged friends and ensure their safety is their number-one priority.

Some people argue that it’s difficult to know when it’s too hot to leave a pet inside of a car, but it’s usually better to be safe than sorry. Just watch as the police officer tried to free the dog from the sweltering hot car in order to save his life…

Thankfully, the dog was rescued, but other animals may not be so lucky. Remember that being careful can save a life!

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